Theatre show designed to send audience to sleep

275x250.jpg If you doze off at the theatre, it's normally a sign the show you're at isn't very good. But that not the case at the Barbican in London… they've got a show designed to send you to sleep.

Their production 'Lullaby' has been specially created to send the audience to sleep and consists of things such as soothing storytelling and singing octopuses.

If that wasn't enough, the audience lie in pre-booked beds and attend the 'sublime sleepover' in their pyjamas - ready to be lulled to sleep by the slumber-inducing show.

After watching the action and falling asleep, the audience are left to sleep before being woken and served breakfast the following morning at 7.30am… which sure beats a Travelodge.
275x250.jpg Producer Simon Casson says he has fallen asleep in shows including Lord of the Rings and Oliver so came up with the idea of created a specifically designed to send people to sleep.

So far no-one has stayed awake to the end of the show and the cast have to made do with snores rather than a round of applause.

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