Most children own items of designer clothing

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of kids have at least one item of designer clothing in their wardrobe and a third owned their first designer item by the age of two, it's been found.

A study polled the parents of 1,000 school-age children to discover what was in their wardrobes and how much it had all cost.

Researchers found the average cost of a child's wardrobe is now £1,677 with 62% of children owning at least one item of designer label clothing.  

Influenced by the rise of mini fashionista celebs such as Suri Cruise, Romeo Beckham and Kingston Rossdale, parents now fork out on average £764 a year on kiddy attire.

The average child was also found to have more than 154 items of clothing in their wardrobe, a shoe collection valued at over £190 and a toy collection worth £1,676… which is far more than us.
According to the study, over a quarter of kids wear a designer watch or item of precious jewellery, with eight per cent possessing an accessory valued up to a pricey £200.  The average parent admitted to buying over 64 items of brand new clothing for their child in the past year.

A spokesperson for Sheilas' Wheels, which commissioned the study, said: "It used to be kids who followed in their parents' footsteps but now it seems children are leading the way when it comes to keeping up with expensive fashion trends."

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