Pub serves shots of apple flavoured horse semen

275x250.jpgA pub in New Zealand has started selling a rather odd drink… apple flavoured horse semen. Yes you read that correctly.

Bosses at The Green Man Pub in Wellington say they started offering the spunky 30ml shots after coming up with it for a food contest.

And they have been blown away by the demand for the £12 drink which is served chilled and is said to contain about 300 million individual horse sperm cells.

Steve Drummond said women have been more curious than men about the unique drink.. though men have often dared each other into downing one.

He added there was also one female customer who's commented she was concerned because she thought she might conceive children with long faces. It's not known how much she'd had to drink first.

275x250.jpg Asked what it tastes like, pub co-owner Steve told Newslite: "Once you get over the psychological barrier the best way to describe is somewhere between sticky custard and a frothy apple smoothy."

He added that the semen is 'collected' from horses which are stabled in Christchurch and that it is extracted by hand.

Once back at the bar the fluid is mixed with an apple flavour, chilled and then served in a shot glass. Lovely.

Green Man Pub  
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