Is moody moggie Mr Pip Britain’s grumpiest cat?

275x250.jpg Cats are not normally know for their smiling sunny disposition… and Mr Pip is not different. In fact this moody moggie could be Britain’s grumpiest cat.

According to owner Rose Oughton, Mr Pip does not like noise, bad weather and especially hates football. Yes, this sour-face puss is constantly in a grump.

The irritable Persian Burmese is said to constantly act like he is is in a foul mood - even when partaking in his favourite activities of ‘starring at dogs’ and 'sitting in his favourite bush'.

Worried her beloved cat might have an underlying illness which was causing the stroppy behaviour, Rose even took Mr Pip to the vet, but they said he was just like that… he didn't look impressed with their diagnosis.
275x250.jpg Speaking about the grumpy cat, 65-year-old Rose, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: "He always looks that grumpy and acts it as well.

"He doesn’t like any noise in the house, he doesn’t like football, what he does seem to like is just staring at dogs with that look he’s got.

"Whenever it’s windy or cold he will just come into the house and into his little igloo. He doesn’t like cold weather, he’s been waiting for summer but he’s still got that look on his face.

"My two daughters are always saying how fed-up he always looks, but he’s an affectionate cat really."
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