Man robs bank of $1… for prison medical care

275x250.jpgRichard Verone is not your average bank robber, not only did he hand over a note stating he only wanted to steal $1, but he also waited for police.

That's because the bank robber actually wanted to be arrested and says he was only committing the crime to get medical care in prison.

59-year-old Verone says he currently has an undiagnosed growth on his chest and two ruptured disks in his back, but with no job or medical insurance, no way of treated.

As a result he took the extreme measure of committing a bank robbery for the sole purpose of getting landed in jail where he'd get free medical care.

After entering the North Carolina bank, he handed the teller a note asking for just one dollar -- then sat on a sofa and waited for police to arrive and make their easiest arrest of the day.

In post crime interviews, Verone says the crime was in for no way monetary reasons, but purely medical.

North Carolina Police    
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