WNWDW: Yes it's a video of a salsa dancing dog

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Last time we promised you a salsa dancing dog we 'may' have given you a hungry dog pawing at a window. But not this this time, this is a real salsa dancing dog… maybe. Either way it's become an online hit. (The Sun) (YouTube)

It's worth noting that when the inevitable happens and the robot uprising begins, hiding in a tree will not help you… meet Treebot, the robot that can climb trees by itself. (Metro)

A US man says he can make $500 per week by crawling around on his hands and knees in New York and finding gold or gems which have been dropped on the pavement. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

When they got married, this couple were not going to be happy with a 'normal' wedding -- so they created this stunning Inception-inspired film to mark the start of their reception. (TheNextWeb)

Despite his distinctive red and white outfit, it can sometimes be hard to spot Wally (or Waldo if you are American) not so during a recent record bid. (Daily Mail)
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