Cement VW Beetle becomes underwater sculpture

275x250.jpg A life-size and eight ton cement replica of a classic Volkswagen Beetle has been lowered into the sea as part of an underwater sculpture museum.

Artist Jason deCaires-Taylor created the faux car as part of his amazing underwater installation at Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.

Now sitting 8m underwater, it's specifically designed to house marine life, and is made with a ph neutral marine cement which promotes coral.

It even has a variety of special compartments inside so lobsters can make it their home… just don't ask what does it does to the gallon!
275x250.jpg Speaking of the work, deCaires-Taylor said: "The sculpture designed specifically to house marine life whilst exploring the significant impact humans have had on our planets ecosystems and the subsequent affect to future generations."

Underwater Sculpture     
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