Woman calls 911 over wrong chinese food (Video)

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they were shocked when a woman recently called 911 to report she'd received the wrong order from a Chinese takeaway.

officials have now released the audio of the odd call in a bid to highlight that it's a misdemeanour to call 911 unless it is an emergency.

During the two minute call, the woman asks for officers to be dispatched to the restaurant in Savannah to rectify her situation.

She states that she'd ordered food but had been given the wrong order - and that the staff were then refusing to give her a refund.

Officers WERE eventually dispatched… but only because she was getting disorderly and needed to be warned she could have faced 911 abuse charges.

A police spokesperson said: "It is a misdemeanor to call 911 unless you have an emergency.

"The police were called because a food order was wrong and the caller wanted her money back.

"This is a civil matter, not criminal. The police were dispatched however because the caller was getting disorderly.

"This caller was not arrested but could have faced 911 abuse charges.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police  
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