Dalai Lama joke fails to impress during interview

Dalai LamaAn Australian TV presenter has been left red-faced after telling the Dalai Lama a joke mid-interview... and promptly seeing it fall flat with the confused religious leader.

Channel Nine's Karl Stefanovic had been chatting to the Dalai Lama when he suddenly decided to tell His Holiness the joke. "So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop, and says, 'can you make me one with everything?'"

But it didn't go to plan, first of all the Dalai Lama seemed to struggle to understand the idea of pizza and a pizza shop.

Then the  punchline left him even more baffled and His Holiness appeared to be waiting to hear something funny with an blank and slightly confused expression on his face.

Our personal highlight of the clip (below) is the way the Dalai Lama fails to show the faintest hint of a smile after the joke, but then laughs heartily when Stefanovic says "I knew that wouldn't work."

Speaking after the poor performance of his joke, Stefanovic said: "OK worst gag of the year with best guest… even I am cringing.

"He didn't know what pizza was, it's always going to fall down there isn't it.

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