Allan McNish survives Le Mans 24 hour crash

Racing driver Allan McNish has emerged virtually unscathed from a 120mph horror crash at Le Mans -- and after you watch this video you'll see just how lucky he was.

Two-time Le Mans 24-hour winner had taken the lead just 50 minutes into the race on Saturday and was overtaking a slower car when the two vehicles collided.

This sent his Audi R18 flying off the track where it smashed into a barrier which launched it into the air and appeared to disintegrated into hundreds of parts.

But amazingly the 41-year-old Scot walked unaided from the wreckage and was later given the all clear at a local hospital… the news wasn't so good for his car.
Speaking after the accident McNish said he owed his survival to the designers at Audi: "I have to say a huge thank you to the Audi designers because they have produced a car that could survive an enormous impact allowing the driver to open the door and get out unharmed.

"The first thing I knew was I was spinning towards the wall on the left hand side and so immediately realised that he’d tagged the left rear of my car with the right front of his.

"After that I was just along for the ride.  It was a very big accident – I think everybody realises that.

"I climbed out of the car by myself then taken to the Medical Center for a check-up and then had a scan at a local hospital but was given the all-clear. "

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