VIDEO: Hidden camera catches men ogling boobs

The fact men like looking at breasts isn't exactly a secret. But that didn't stop one French woman double-checking this fact of life by placing a hidden camera on her substantial cleavage.

In her resulting video, the enterprising Parisienne can be seen placing an outward-facing video camera at the bottom of the plunging neck-line of her cardigan.

She then hits the streets of the French capital to see how men respond to her breasts -- with their every moment captured by her boobs-eye view camera.

Her highly unsurprising results… men looked. They looked a lot. Some more discrete than others, but it appears most couldn't help having a glance at her boobs. Others could barely contain their ogle. In other news, water is still wet.
Any men who spot themselves on this video should probably start thinking of the excuse they will tell their significant others. We'd suggest claiming you liked the cardigan and were considering buying her one.

The video was produced by Warner Bros France to promote the Owen Wilson movie "Hall Pass" called Bon à Tirer in France and is reminiscent of the Ass-cam viral video from Levis.

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