Black bear discovered chilling in a jacuzzi (Video)

275x250.jpg So, you quite fancy hopping into the jacuzzi in your back garden, but there's an enormous black bear already chilling in there, what do you do? You wait, that's what.

Scott Wright says he recently looked out of the window at his Florida home and saw a
black bear lounging around in his pool an jacuzzi… and she had no plans to leave.

In fact, the bear was there for 30 minutes and seemed to enjoy blowing bubbles in the pool, playing with toys and generally chilling.

Amazingly the 44-year-old private investor says this is not the first time a bear has made use of his pools, he says there are a number which live locally and enjoy the occasional dip.
"She is one of about 5 that we see here regularly.  They are protected," he said.

"They come to swim and eat our banana trees.  Sometimes they just like to roll on top of the banana trees and crush them.  Maybe they like the smell."

Scott added that he does not feed the bears (which would be illegal) but enjoys watching them and has recorded several videos of them hugging, kissing and even pooping in his front yard.

However, he's (unsurprisingly) never been tempted to join the bears in the jacuzzi: "Any human contact with the bear is actually dangerous for them.  

"If it became comfortable with us then it might approach someone else or even a child and the result would be that the bear would be shot and killed.  

"It is best for us just to watch from afar, make a few videos so others can enjoy what we see in our back yard and silently be in love with these gentle giants."

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