Cheeky lions steal photographer's camera (Video)

A wildlife photographer placed his camera on the ground in the South African savannah in the hope of getting a close-up shot of a group of lions… then they stole his camera.

Roger de la Harpe was shooting images at Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve when he spotted three lionesses and placed a small video camera on the floor in the hope they approached it.

But as this footage shows, they did more than that, the inquisitive lioness sniffed and licked the device before picking it up and running off with it - all while it continued recording.

We're guessing de la Harpe was eventually able to get the camera back… either that or lions have mastered uploading things to YouTube.
The photographer says he was surprised by the behaviour of the lion, but pleased with the results: "We placed our GoPro action camera in their path hoping to catch some good footage of them as they came past.

"Little did we know that one lioness would take a liking to the camera and cart it off into the bush!

"We got the camera back, thank heavens and some interesting footage to boot!"

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