Toy tiger sparked police and helicopter alert

275x250.jpg Police in Hampshire launched a major operation which involved dispatching armed officers and scrambling the force helicopter… because of a cuddly toy.

Of course they didn't realise it was a cuddly toy when they received reports of a live white tiger in a field close to the M27, near Hedge End.

As a result they contacted animal specialists at nearby Marwell Zoo, prepared a team of officers armed with tranquiliser darts and dispatched a police helicopter.

But when the helicopter approached it became clear this was no real tiger, firstly because it didn't move… and then because the downward force of the chopper knocked it over.
275x250.jpg Hampshire Constabulary say contingency plans had also been put in place to close the motorway before they realised they were dealing with a life-size soft toy.

They are now hoping to locate the owner of the toy and identify whether the incident was a planned hoax.

Hampshire Constabulary 
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