Space beer tested in zero-gravity flight (Video)

275x250.jpg Space may be the final frontier -- but why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a beer while exploring it? Well, thanks to an intrepid team of Australian brewers, you might.

An Ozzie microbrewery has teamed up with space engineers from a astronautics firm to develop a special brew with would be ideal supped in space.

Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines Brewing Company says that with the expected growth of space tourism, there's going to be a burgeoning market for space booze.

That's why he's teamed up with Jason Held of Saber Astronautics to create the beer which will be specifically designed to be enjoyed in zero gravity.

But it's not as simple as slapping a 'space beer' logo on the side. Mitchell says there are a number of 'drinking in space' obstacles to overcome - including swelling tongues and the loss of the sense of taste.

Then there are 'space burps' -- because bubbles and liquid don't separate well in zero gravity there's nowhere for the carbonation gas of fizzy liquids to go and the result is wet space burps.

As a result they think a full-bodied, flavoursome, stout-style beer would work best in space and they have even started testing it in zero-gravity flights over Florida.
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