The average Brit breaks the law 21 times per year

275x250.jpgThe average Brit will break the law around 21 times a year, it has been found.

Speeding, eating or drinking while driving and not wearing a seat belt are the most common crimes we commit during our day-to-day lives.
Other car crimes which take place regularly include jumping red lights, parking on double yellow lines and driving someone else's motor without the proper insurance cover.
But it's not just road traffic offences, the study of 3,000 adults revealed that many of us could be found guilty of illegally downloading music, dropping litter, not cleaning up after a pooping dog or smoking in a public place.

Obviously we are whiter-than-white when it comes to abiding by the law... but we'd be curious to know how many law you think you've broken in the last 12 months. Let us know in the comments.
The report revealed 79 per cent breaking the speed limit regularly, another seven out of ten eating or drink behind the wheel, while four out of ten drive without a seatbelt from time to time.
And despite numerous government warnings, a third of Brits continue to use their mobile phone while driving the car.
It also emerged 70 per cent of people have cycled a the pavement, without realising it was an offence.
A further 36 per cent regularly download music, films or other files on their computer or laptop without paying for them.

1. Break the speed limit - 79%
2. Driving without due care and attention - 71%
3. Cycled on the pavement - 70%
4. Manoeuvre the car without wearing a seatbelt - 41%
5. Downloaded music or files without paying - 36%
6. Sex in a public place - 34%
7. Driven through a red light - 34%
8. Park on double yellow lines - 31%
9. Text or check a text on the mobile phone while driving - 31%
10. Taken drugs - 28%
11. Used the mobile phone while driving - 26%
12. Dropped litter - 25%
13. Failed to tell DVLA of change of address - 24%
14. Driven someone else's car without insurance - 23%
15. Cycled without lights on after dark - 21%
16. Bumped into someone's car and driven off - 20%
17. Taken dog for a walk and not cleaned up poo - 18%
18. Park in a disabled spot - 17%
19. Smoked in a public place - 14%
20. Watched TV without a TV license - 14%

A spokesperson for, which conducted the poll of 3,000 adults, said: "Brits are becoming so used to breaking the law on a daily basis that they aren't even fazed by their actions.
"A huge number of people choose to regularly break the speed limit, which means British roads are filled with inconsiderate and dangerous drivers.
"And those people who insist on doing things other than actually driving the car - such as eating, drinking or using the mobile phone - are putting their own lives in danger as well as the lives of others."

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