Many dads get home after children go to bed

275x250.jpgOne in five dads doesn't get home from work before their children go to bed, a study has revealed.

Researchers found long office hours and an arduous commute home means millions of dads miss out on spending quality time with their kids in the evenings.
Worryingly, seven out of ten fathers said the long hours they were working to make ends meet was impacting on the quality of family life.
The study also found seven out of ten dads feel guilty about not being home in time to help out with bathing and bedtime.
It further emerged 1-in-4 dads have argued with their other half about the imbalance of their work-heavy lifestyle… though a 1-in-10 admit that they've stayed late at work to dodge the chores at home.
A spokesperson for, which commissioned the study of 2,000 dads, said: "It's really sad that dads feel like they are missing out on precious moment with their little ones.
"I guess the current climate means that everyone is under pressure to keep their job and bring home as much money as possible.
"But often these are the routine activities that dads find really mean they bond with their children so it's important that they are taken seriously."

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