Barcelona to fine bikini-wearers in city-centre

275x250.jpgTourists in Barcelona have been told to cover up after city authorities introduced a ban on bikinis and other public nudity.

Officials in the Spanish city passed a law last week banning nudity and near-nudity from the city centre after it was decided too many locals and tourists were baring their flesh.

Initially they'd tried erecting signs asking people to cover-up, but when that didn't work they resorted to the legislation in a bid to prevent damage to the reputation of the city.

The law means people baring too much flesh anywhere other than swimming pools, beaches, adjacent roads and beach walks can be fined up to €300 (£260).

Those not even wearing that can be fined €500 (£440) if caught naked anywhere in the city other than its nudist beach… which means you'll have to make do with other sights like Park Güell or La Sagrada Família.
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