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A man claims to have filmed a 'UFO squadron' flying over California in the night sky… cynics say he's merely captured a flock of birds.

YouTube user KevinMC360 - who claims this isn't his first UFO capture - says he saw the UFOs over Oakland, California, last week.

Describing the night-vision footage, Kevin points to three lights moving in a triangular pattern as being the 'UFO squadron' and uses a plane as his point of reference.

And while cynics suggest a host of more mundane explanations, Kevin insists these are the same spacecraft which he filmed around a year ago… which were also dismissed by more cynically-minded viewers.

275x250.jpg A daredevil stunt driver has set a new world record by jumping his car 332ft in a ramp-to-ramp stunt at the Indianapolis 500.

Tanner Foust took to his car vehicle which he drove down a massive toy-inspired 90ft ramp to build up speed before hitting a jump and taking off.

The 37-year-old then travelled for 332ft before his wheels touched-down on another ramp on the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We defy you to watch this video and not think about digging out your old toy cars… or just question where your life went wrong and why you'are sat at a computer while other people do this for a living.

Massive waterspouts 600 metres high have been filmed off the coast of Australia just north of Sydney… and presumably scared the life out of local residents.

The massive fountains of water sprouted up from the ocean and made an impressive sight as they moved across the surface of the sea.

Filmed from a helicopter by Australian Channel Seven News the swirling columns of air and water luckily dissipated before they reached land.

Waterspouts are caused when tornadoes develop over the sea and they can move as fast as 80 miles an hour picking up and then dumping sea-life… which could explain where Nemo went.

275x250.jpgWhile penguins can't fly, they are amazing swimmers who can gracefully glide through the water. Or most of them are, but not Morgan… he's scared of swimming.

Staff at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch say they've never known anything quite like the white-flippered penguin who was taken in three weeks ago.

Around 16-year-old Morgan was discovered skinny and lost at Banks Peninsula and quickly taken in where he was given a good feed and attentive care.

But all is still not right with little Morgan, staff say he refuses to swim and will use his beak and flippers to quickly haul himself out of water if placed in it. Not only that but he also keeps flipping his water bowl upside down and standing on it.

Next month the feathered critter is due to join the main penguin encounter where it's hoped he will mate with Parnia, a single female white-flippered penguin… if she doesn't think he's too odd.

In the past we've seen special flips, impossible flips and inadvertent flips… now it's the turn of the world's first BMX triple backflip.

24-year-old BMX ace Jed Mildon recently became the first person to successfully pull a triple backflip during the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo.

Mildon says it took three months of training an planning to prepare for the stunt which saw him ride down a 66-foot high super-ramp and on to 11-foot kicker.

This launched him high into the sky where he rotated three times before landing in a purpose-built foam pit and air bag box. And unless you've got one of those in your garden, don't try this at home.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Does this video prove the existence of Bigfoot? No, it doesn't. But that hasn't stopped it going viral since it was uploaded to YouTube by a hiker in Washington. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

If you were making a list of things needed for a successful rodeo, we bet 'horses' would be fairly high up there. Not so at a recent event in the US - because of an equine virus outbreak cowgirls competed on stick horses. (AP) (YouTube)

Something tells us this father is going to have some explaining to do when he gets home. A dad who was attending a baseball game in Los Angeles which his family dropped his daughter in a bid to catch a foul-ball… which he also dropped. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A woman in Bangladesh has cut off a man's penis during an alleged rape and then took it to a police station as evidence. (BBC)

It's that time of year again. Hundreds of blonde women have paraded through the Latvian capital Riga in a bid to help the country out of recession. We're not sure what that says about their economic know-how. (AFP) (YouTube)

A woman says she was refused service at a McDonald's drive-through because she was riding a horse and carriage -- luckily she wasn't far from a friendly KFC.

Debbie Murden from Derbyshire had driven her two-wheeled carriage to the drive-thru window at the Alfreton branch and ordered her burgers and milkshakes.

Having done this before, she didn't think it would be a problem, but staff said that due to health and safety rules they couldn't serve her -- prompting her to angrily head off to a nearby KFC.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for McDonald's said it was company policy not to serve customers in horse-drawn carriages… which suggests this happens more often than we would have thought.

275x250.jpg So, you quite fancy hopping into the jacuzzi in your back garden, but there's an enormous black bear already chilling in there, what do you do? You wait, that's what.

Scott Wright says he recently looked out of the window at his Florida home and saw a
black bear lounging around in his pool an jacuzzi… and she had no plans to leave.

In fact, the bear was there for 30 minutes and seemed to enjoy blowing bubbles in the pool, playing with toys and generally chilling.

Amazingly the 44-year-old private investor says this is not the first time a bear has made use of his pools, he says there are a number which live locally and enjoy the occasional dip.

275x250.jpgThere are 125 million 'little jobs' which need doing around the houses of Britain -- but that homeowners can't be bothered to attempt, it's been found.

Touching up the paint, cleaning the oven and jobs in the garden such as weeding and mowing the lawn emerged as the most popular 'when I get around to it' tasks.
Other nagging jobs include cleaning the fridge, changing light bulbs and dusting skirting boards.
Getting rid of marks on the carpet, defrosting the freezer and descaling the kettle also featured highly on the list.
The average home - of which there are 25million - has five jobs currently awaiting attention and one in six of those surveyed plan to blitz them this Bank Holiday weekend. So what are you doing reading this?

275x250.jpgSquare-eyed Brits now spend almost 12 hour per day staring at various, computer, tablet, TV and mobile phone screens, research has found.

A study of our screen-based habits revealed we spend three hours per day watching TV, 4.7 hours in front of computers and 1.2 hours looking at their phones.

Add to this use of gadgets like iPads and e-readers such as the Kindle and the total reaches 11.8 hours of screen-based activity.

What's more, it was also found 61% of us suffer withdrawal symptoms if forced to cut down on screen-time and 69% of us regularly use more than one screen at a time.

To be honest that probably means you are also using another screen while reading this. Are you trying to say Newslite doesn't warrant your undivided attention?

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Yesterday we saw a storm chasing weatherman have a near-death experience with a tornado in Oklahoma. In comparison with this lorry driver - who had his vehicle destroyed by the freak weather - it looks like he had nothing to worry about. (Fox 19) (YouTube)

We'd like to know at what point during the nine years it took Dan Reeves to build a plane in his basement the asked himself "How am I going to get this out?" --  In the end he and friends dug a trench and dismantled the basement wall. (UPI)

An irate teenage girl was so angry at her father for taking away her mobile phone that she's said to have shot him with a bow and arrow. (MSNBC)

A family in Florida got the shock of their lives when their 10-year-old son returned home from fishing with friends having wrestled with and caught a 6ft alligator. (WTSP)

A former dentist who was chased around a lake by an irate goose, tried to escape on a quad bike, but he broke his leg when he crashed into a tree after the bird tried to land on his head. (Telegraph)

A wildlife photographer placed his camera on the ground in the South African savannah in the hope of getting a close-up shot of a group of lions… then they stole his camera.

Roger de la Harpe was shooting images at Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve when he spotted three lionesses and placed a small video camera on the floor in the hope they approached it.

But as this footage shows, they did more than that, the inquisitive lioness sniffed and licked the device before picking it up and running off with it - all while it continued recording.

We're guessing de la Harpe was eventually able to get the camera back… either that or lions have mastered uploading things to YouTube.

No, no it's not. But seeing airport staff hurling what appears to be luggage into the back of a rubbish truck still isn't the most reassuring way to start your holiday.

This video was shot by a holidaymaker at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand and appears to show baggage handlers hurling unclaimed suitcases into a garbage truck.

In fact, after it was uploaded to the internet, the video sparked outrage from many flyers who feared this could be what happened to their lost luggage.

But not all is quite what it seems, a spokesperson for the airport says the binned bags were ones which had been used to test their new baggage handling system.

275x250.jpgIf you're worried about looking good on the beach, we've got some good news -- simply going on holiday will give you a workout equivalent to an intensive gym session.

A recent study found that travellers burn nearly 500 calories before even arriving at their holiday destination - that's the same as one hour cardio workout.

This is said to be achieved through a combination of running around to get things sorted and carrying heavy luggage - not surprising given we each carry over 3,040kg of luggage in our lifetime.

22% of those polled felt carrying luggage is the best form of holiday exercise and 46% of travellers say they feel like they’ve had a workout on arrival at their destination

However, 32% of female travellers admit they rely on the men in their lives to carry their bag… but he could do with the workout anyway. Right?

We all know what it's like to make a joke, only to find out it doesn't quite have the chuckle-inducing properties you were hoping for. Just ask David Cameron.

Luckily, unlike the PM, our tumbleweed moments have never been broadcast live around the world -- as was the case when he told a 'lead balloon' of a joke at the Obama Downing Street barbecue.

During his post-meal speech, Cameron told the assembled guests that the BBQ had been  "probably the first time in history a British Prime Minister has given an American president a bit of a grilling".

And then he paused for laughter, but was greeted instead with a deathly silence, there wasn't even one laugh. Not even from Nick Clegg. 

275x250.jpgFrench music will apparently no longer be played at metro stations in Brussels, after the operator received complaints from Dutch-speakers.

Despite Brussels being largely French speaking, only English, Italian and Spanish pop hits will now be piped into the 69 metro stops in the city.

The move comes after Dutch-speaking residents of the officially bilingual city, complained that there were many more French songs being played than Dutch ones.

But rather than try to ensure both languages were equally represented on the metro playlist, bosses decided to scrap both in favour of international music.

It's claimed the new playlist consists of hits with 70% in English, 15% in Italian and 15% in Spanish… meaning francophones and Dutch-speakers are equally slighted.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When Jesse Taylor heard a noise coming from his garage in California, he assumed a raccoon or other equally small critter had gotten inside and went to deal with it… that's when he found himself face-to-face with a fully grown mountain lion. (MSNBC)

A young Chinese boy had to be dug out by firefighters after somehow finding himself sandwiched in a 18cm gap between two houses in China's Guizhou Province. Bizarrely the rescue is not quite as cute as this fawn-filled one. (MSN)

We've never given too much thought to the diabolo before, thinking it was the poor relation to juggling, but that was before we saw this kid displaying some quite frankly Diabolo skills. (YouTube)

Think shell-dwelling turtles are slow? Think again, because this could be the world's fastest… and he looks like he could give Usain Bolt a run for his money. (Aol Weird News)

A man who accidentally dropped his high school ring down a toilet in 1938 has been reunited with it… after 73 years. (Telegraph)

275x250.jpgResearchers say they've discovered an Amazonian tribe which has no abstract concept of time or dates.

This means the Amondawa people of Brazil don't have the linguistic structures that relate time and space and lack words for "time", "week", "month" or "year".

Instead they only have divisions of day and night and rainy and dry seasons. Also no-one in the tribe has an age and their name changes to reflect their life stage.

The result is that there's never a rush to get anything done and no-one is talking about what will be happening "tomorrow" or "next week".

A team of academics including linguists and anthropologists say they made the find after spending eight weeks living with the Amondawa… though the tribe say it felt like longer.

275x250.jpg It looks like we will soon find out which side of the Marmite 'love it or hate it' debate the Danish government stands -- because the spread could be banned from shops.

The potential ban comes as part of a clampdown on foods fortified with vitamins and minerals, and the sticky stuff will need to be accessed by food officials.

It had been reported earlier today that Marmite had already been pulled from shelves in Denmark, but officials say they are yet to make a ruling.

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration say an application for sale could take up to six months to be decided… whereas most people know if they love or hate Marmite in an instant.

275x250.jpgA worrying 70% of Brits mistake fictional television and movie settings for genuine towns and holiday destinations, it's been found.

A survey of thousands of adults discovered that many think settings such as Emmerdale, Weatherfield and Midsomer are real locations in the UK.

And if that was not bad enough, over a third have even tried booking a holiday to fictional destinations from Dibley to Downton.

Emmerdale was the most commonly confused setting with 14% of people thinking it was real, followed by Albert Square (9%) and Downton (9%).

Six percent of people said they had considered visiting Hogwarts, but not the one at the US Harry Potter theme park… "the real one".

For TV journalists, the benefit of pre-recording a report is not fearing being made to look a fool on live TV… usually.

But Erica Grow has been left red-faced after the show she works for played the wrong clip during a broadcast -- an outtake in which she declared "I'm stupid".

Grow had been reporting on an injured child at a local school, but rather than play her polished report during the show they loaded her out-takes.

This meant they saw her fluff her lines, apologise to the cameraman and then say "It’s a lot to remember. Because I’m… Stupid."

Personally we think she was being too hard on herself… it's the person who clicked play on the wrong file which is stupid.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We like a good time-lapse video almost as much as we like a cute animal video - so it should come as no surprise that we're fans of this clip showing a puppy grow into a dog in just 40 seconds. (Daily Mail)

An unfortunate truck driver is said to have inflated "like a balloon" when he slipped while working on his vehicle and fell bottom first onto a compressed air nozzle. (Courier Mail)

Police in Mexico have seized a home-made tank which was used by a drug gang. The tank was capable of resisting explosives and had a small revolving turret which can fire shots from any angle. (9 News)

A woman who is said to have been doing the completely normal thing of firing an AR-15 rifle at a target in her husband's bedroom closet, flooded the home when she missed and shot the washing machine. (WPTV)

A video of a young boy playing with an otter at Sea World, San Diego which chased him as he ran around the tank has become an online hit… and made one or two adults wish they could join in. (CBS News)

275x250.jpg Everyone's got a theory abou tArea 51 and the "Roswell incident", and to be honest we though we'd heard them all -- from weather balloons to crashed alien craft and everything in between.

But we'd never heard the one about Russia trying to spark public hysteria in the US, by launching a bizarre craft containing grotesque surgically altered children before.

Anyway, that's the latest theory doing the rounds - courtesy of the new book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" written by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen.

In it she cites an anonymous source who says Joseph Stalin recruited infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to create "grotesque, child-size aviators" and launch them into US airspace in 1947, in a bid to spark public hysteria… not sow the seed for hundreds of UFO and alien based movies and TV shows.

A man who was pulled over by police, suspected of trying to rob a supermarket, proceeded to steal the police car and then crash it.

Arthur Thompson had initially been pulled over after an alert was posted for the green Jeep he was driving in relation to the attempted theft of a computer.

But as officers were trying to talk to him, the 38-year-old assaulted them and then fought his way to their police cruiser. He then jumped into the vehicle and drove off a speeds of 100mph… until he smashed it into the back of a truck.

Luckily for us - and the rest of the internet going public - the whole thing was caught on a police dashcam. Have we ever told you how much we like dashcams?

275x250.jpgA woman tried to sell a purported moon rock for £1m… to an undercover NASA investigator who was working with police.

Authorities in California say the woman arranged to meet the buyer at a restaurant so that he could examine it.

But what she didn't realise was that he actually worked for Nasa and had contacted police because it's illegal to sell bits of the moon in the US.

This is because all lunar samples - and more then 2,000 of them were brought back from space missions - are considered national treasures.
NASA, who've been investigating the case for several months, are now working to determine whether the 'moon rock' is the real deal… if it is the punishment could be out-of-this-world.

275x250.jpg After discovering that many Brits would jump at the chance of sleeping with a celebrity, a hotel is giving them the chance to do just that, sort of.

Alton Towers Resort is offering guests pillows with the faces of Cheryl Cole or David Beckham printed on them after the duo topped a poll of fantasy celeb bedfellows.

Cheryl Cole topped the list of female celebs people wanted to sleep with with a massive 71% of the vote while David was the first choice British male with 36%.

Holly Willoughby (14%) and Kate Middleton (9%) took second and third place, while Bruce Forsyth (12%) and Prince William (8%) took the honours in their respective poll. Yes, that did say Bruce Forsyth came second. We don't know.

It's designed to withstand a terrorist attack - but it turns out Barack Obama's bullet-proof limo 'The Beast' has more of a problem with the humble speed bump.

Yesterday as President Obama was leaving the U.S. Embassy in Dublin in his custom General Motors Cadillac, en route to his ancestral home in County Offaly, the £400,000 vehicle got wedged on a ramp.

The car - which has eight-inch thick armour-plating and weighs 8 tons - was leaving the building, when crowds who had gathered heard a loud bang and saw the car come to a swift halt.

It then became clear the impressive vehicle was stranded and Barack Obama was forced to abandon it… though given it boasts its own oxygen supply he must have been tempted to sit it out rather than make the embarrassing walk of shame.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A Chinese farmer has started getting his chickens to wear little plastic glasses in an odd bid to prevent them from fighting. (Metro)

Okay he doesn't have a slick radio voice, and to our knowledge he's not an amazingly skilled puppeteer -- but this homeless guy has the most impressive begging sign we've ever seen. (Miami New Times)

A duo who prompted a rescue mission after rafting on a flood-swollen river without life preservers have been given an unusual punishment - standing in a paddling pool and handing out water safety leaflets. (Stuff)

A US student has scored an online hit (and a top grade) after a science presentation he gave looking at the physical impossibilities of My Little Pony was uploaded to YouTube. (YouTube)

A bizarre choking brawl broke out in the Ukrainian parliament after the vice speaker refused to let a politician make a speech. (Asylum)

275x250.jpg A comedian has performed a one-off gig to a field of cows in a bizarre 'experiment' to see whether they have a sense of humour.

Mock the Week and BBC Radio 4 funny-man Milton Jones, traveled to Hertfordshire where he performed an exclusively written routine to the assembled crowd of Friesians.

His 'Pull the Udder One' stand-up set included a selection of visual and verbal one liners and puns and the performance was observed by a bovine behaviour expert to see how the cows responded.

Milton's jokes included: ‘So you cows say you’re vegetarians – but how come you all wear leather, eh?’ and ‘Went to one of those farmers markets the other day – bought a couple of farmers. Should taste lovely!’

275x250.jpg Police in Hampshire launched a major operation which involved dispatching armed officers and scrambling the force helicopter… because of a cuddly toy.

Of course they didn't realise it was a cuddly toy when they received reports of a live white tiger in a field close to the M27, near Hedge End.

As a result they contacted animal specialists at nearby Marwell Zoo, prepared a team of officers armed with tranquiliser darts and dispatched a police helicopter.

But when the helicopter approached it became clear this was no real tiger, firstly because it didn't move… and then because the downward force of the chopper knocked it over.

275x250.jpgSince the death of Osama Bin Laden, increased numbers of men have been claiming to be US Navy SEALs on dating websites, it's been found.

The desperate single are hoping to cash-in on the sudden popularity of the elite fighting force since they killed the terror boss in Pakistan.

As such, ridiculous numbers of chancers are claiming to have served with the US Navy SEALs in a bid to dupe women into relationships, or bed.

But while some of the action man wannabes are pretty much outing themselves as fakes with their flabby-bodied profile images, other are being targeted by

The website aims to expose fakes who claim to have served with the US military whether to gain respect, fraudulently claim benefits, or get into a woman's pants.

275x250.jpgIt's always good to know that we are not the only ones planning for the zombie apocalypse.

And America's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is the latest organisation to show a understandable fear of the undead - by publishing a guide to surviving an uprising.

The US government body recently added a page to their website entitled 'Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse' - detailing what you should do when the dead start roaming the streets.

There's even a guide to the sort of 'emergency survival kit' which it's suggested we should all have ready for the moment the inevitable happens.

but, while the kit includes food, batteries and a radio, it's suspiciously light on zombie killing equipment like shotguns and flame-throwers… which makes us think they're not taking the zombie threat seriously.

275x250.jpg Staff at an aquarium in Blackpool say they were shocked to discover there was a unknown shark swimming around their tank.

Bosses at the Sea Life centre only realised the presence of the mystery shark when they spotted two shark eggs in the massive half-a-million litre tank.

Because the sharks known to be in the tank only give birth to live young, they concluded there was another hidden one somewhere in there.

Experts think the still undiscovered shark is an easily camouflaged tropical carpet shark which may have been introduced by one of several former aquarium curators.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

You may have noticed Saturday wasn't Judgment Day and that the rapture didn't take place - well apparently it's left many believers confused. (Aol Weird News)

When a US pensioner saw a 6ft long alligator chomping down on his pet pooch, he didn't think it was time to visit the pet store and find a new dog, he jumped on the back of the alligator and punched it until it released his West Highland terrier. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

When we told you about the man who drove around with a parrot clinging to his windscreen wipers, many of you asked why the police weren't doing anything… well they've now raided his home and quizzed him about several traffic offences. (Courier Mail)

Judy Pugh was being interviewed on TV about the damage a tornado had done to her house and the fact one of her cats had been missing since the freak weather -- when the missing cat wandered home and greeted her. (

It's never good to crash your car, and it's even worse to have the moment caught on camera. Unless that is, if you have an impressive escape like this, which just makes you look cool. (Jalopnik)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

The pony which tried to board a train in Wales has cropped up at a selection of other odd locations, this time including a hospital A&E department and a pub. (BBC)

A woman in the US has been taken of a train by a team of cops… for chatting on her mobile phone for 16-hour phone. (Stuff)

It turns out the middle of a police station, while being booked for a domestic dispute, isn't the best time to try attacking a police officer... as Anthony Thomas found out. (Asylum)

We've seen that bored baseball players can turn to human jousting in the event of a rain delay -- well it turns out that's not the only move they've got. These teams were probably worn out by the time the game began. (YouTube)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. One minute he was leading an Imperial starfleet -- now Darth Vader's playing trombone to a group of unimpressed looking OAPs. (Huffington Post)

275x250.jpg Space may be the final frontier -- but why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a beer while exploring it? Well, thanks to an intrepid team of Australian brewers, you might.

An Ozzie microbrewery has teamed up with space engineers from a astronautics firm to develop a special brew with would be ideal supped in space.

Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines Brewing Company says that with the expected growth of space tourism, there's going to be a burgeoning market for space booze.

That's why he's teamed up with Jason Held of Saber Astronautics to create the beer which will be specifically designed to be enjoyed in zero gravity.

275x250.jpgThe average couple bickers a massive 2,455 times every year, it has been discovered. Leaving many people wondering if they are with the right partner.

Researchers found not listening to what their other half is telling them is the main course of strife, followed by money worries, spending issues and laziness around the house.
It also emerged disputes over who watches what on television, the choice of evening meals and snoring also regularly spark minor spats.
Incredibly, sex - particularly a lack of it or the timing of a romp - also causes around 88 mini feuds every 12 months.

Over-spending on impulsive or unnecessary purchases leads to a further 109 disputes every single year and what to eat for dinner leads to a barney almost twice a week.

275x250.jpg A team of university boffins have set what is believed to be a new world record for human-powered helicopter flight, aided by a fit pair of legs.

50 students from the University of Maryland had worked to develop their human-powered helicopter, Gamera, which consists of four sets of two spinning blades.

The contraption is powered by a furiously peddling pilot who, for the record attempt was Judy Wexler, a 24-year-old biology graduate student.

But don't expect to see this as the future of personal transport any time soon… the record was hovering 3 to 5 inches off the ground for 4 seconds.

275x250.jpgMany pensioners believe the youth of today lack morals and respect, a study revealed.
A survey carried out among 500 over 65s showed only four out of ten OAPs have a positive opinion of the nation's teenagers.
Researchers found most pensioners believe youngsters lack social skills and swear too often in public places.
Many are also disgusted by behaviour they class as 'anti-social' and also by the modern youngsters' seeming enjoyment of irresponsible promiscuity.
One in three pensioners said they believed teenagers were too obsessed with celebrity culture and 'being rich and famous'… and they know this from watching X Factor.

What's wrong? You look like you've never seen a man trying to board a train with his friendly pet pony before.

A rail passenger in Wales recently barred from boarding a train from Wrexham to Holyhead after taking his pony down to the platform in a station lift.

According to Arriva Trains Wales, the unnamed traveller had arrived at Wrexham station and promptly tried buying ticket for himself and the animal for the 7.02pm service.

As these images show, despite being told the pony was too big to travel in a carriage, he then proceeded to take it down to the platform where he was stopped from boarding. Thank goodness for CCTV.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

In our experience, a woman turning down the offer of a free drink isn't exactly a newsworthy event -- but apparently if the woman in question is the Queen and the brew she's refusing is a Guinness in Dublin, thats a different matter. (Irish Central) (YouTube)

A family of 15 ducklings have been rescued from a drain in Kent after the quacking mother raised the alarm and firefighters were called. (BBC)

Suffering a pesky accident which half-destroyed his bus wasn't going to stop this driver - he kept the vehicle going for hundreds of miles despite it being missing a windscreen and held together with sticky tape and wood. (Sky News)

A jilted bride in China tried to commit suicide by jumping from a building, but was saved with seconds to spare. (Daily Mail)

The world's 'new' oldest living person has been recognised by Guinness World Records. Maria Gomes Valentim is a whopping  114 years and 313 days young. (Aol Weird News)

Fashion model Lindsey Wixson has been left red-faced after falling over THREE times at an show for Japan earthquake survivors in Cannes.

The 17-year-old American had been strutting her stuff on the catwalk at the Fashion for Relief event organised by Naomi Campbell.

And it was all going well until she tripped on the hem of a ball gown and embarrassingly fell on all fours in front of the assembled crowd.

While she was quick to jump up and give a big thumbs up, it was all a bit premature… because as she made her way backstage she fell over another two times. Oops.

275x250.jpgBritish workers spend a average of five hours every week stressed out -- because of technology, it has emerged.

Slow internet, computers crashing and the printer running out of ink or paper sees workers feeling harassed for an average of 56 minutes each day.
Busy mobile phone networks, constant texts from your other half and even seeing unflattering pictures of yourself tagged on Facebook are also common triggers.
More than one third of workers said technology made their blood boil more than anything else during the working day.
And four out of ten of the 3,000 adults polled said tech issues were more stressful than their love lives, domestic disputes and financial troubles.

French climber Alain Robert is known for illegally climbing some of the world's tallest buildings, often without any protection.

Luckily that wasn't the case when he scaled Istanbul's Sapphire building… because he slipped and fell while around 260 metres in the air.

Robert had made it most of the way up Turkey's highest building when he reached a section where there was grease and oil inside the grove where he put his foot.

This meant he slipped fell about 10ft, but he was soon caught by his safety harness and continued the remaining small climb to the top… in a slightly less cocky mood than usual.

275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Don Gorske enjoys a good burger, or to be more precise, it's safe to say he is a fan of the Big Mac.

We know this because the McDonald's fan just ate his 25,000th. That's right 25,000 Big Macs since he first sunk his choppers into one 39 years ago.

Thought to have eaten more Big Macs than anyone else on the planet, the 59-year-old says he can't get enough of the two patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun.

Gorske ate his first ever Big Mac on May 17, 1972 and was so taken with the taste he ate nine that day alone.

Since then he's tucked into at least one on most days - he's only had eight Big Mac free days - and despite his slim figure, consumed a whopping 13.5 millions calories.

Until this morning we were fairly convinced Luna the showjumping cow would reign supreme as our odd showjumping animal of 2011… and then we saw this.

Zack the showjumping zebra come from Texas and took up the sport when owner Sammi Jo Stohler noticed the six-year-old enjoyed jumping.

After he jumped out of his field one too many times, Sammi decided to put up a series of jumps for Zack, and sure enough he started hopping over them.

She then began teaching Zack to be groomed and ridden and now thinks nothing of putting her showjumping garb on and taking him around the course… people who see her are less nonchalant.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A poodle has somehow survived a massive drop from the sky after it was released from the talons of a bird of prey which had picked it up. (Metro)

Until someone finally comes up with the jet-pack we were promised all those years ago, we're still on the lookout for new and interesting ways of getting to NewsLite Towers. (Daily Mail)

Sheng Xianhui had gone to hospital for a routine operation to have gall stones removed -- but he claims that while he was under, someone also branded him with a buttock tattoo. (Metro)

Last year we stopped watching Mentos/Coke videos guessing that with this world record we'd seen it all. But it turns out there could be a whole sub-genre of explosive soft drink-based entertainment we are missing… as this Mentos + Coke = Fail video shows. (YouTube)

Scientists say they might have found the first habitable planet beyond our own. Unfortunately Gliese 581d is 3,000 lifetimes away. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgA pair of Facebook fans in Israeli have shown their love of the social network by apparently naming their baby daughter 'Like'.

Lior and Vardit Adler are said to have been looking for a "modern and innovative" name for their daughter when the thought about the famous Facebook like button.

After doing a search they realised that no-one else in Israel had the same name and set on giving their baby the unusual moniker.

The duo claim it's not that strange of a name and suggest it is the modern equivalent of names like Ahava, which means 'love'.

After announcing the birth of Like on Facebook, father Lior says the update was popular and gained 40 'likes'. Something tells us Like might not like the name Like when she grows up.

A goalkeeper who is said to be a Manchester United target might not be the safe pair of hands Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping for -- he dropped a trophy off the top of a bus.

Coming hot on the heels of the Real Madrid, Copa del Rey open-topped bus debacle, Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg showed he was just as clumsy as Sergio Ramos.

Parading through Amsterdam with the newly-won Eredivisie league trophy, Stekelenburg had been waving the dish-like trophy from the top of a coach.

But then the vehicle passed under overhead tram wires, which knocked it out of his hands, sending the trophy crashing to the floor… where fans promptly picked it up and celebrated like they'd won it themselves.

275x250.jpgEveryones favourite theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says the idea of heaven is nothing more than a fairy story.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, the 69-year-old said there was no room in his view of the universe for heaven to exist.

Talking about his fears of death he said: "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail.

"There is no heaven of afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people who are afraid of the dark."

The comment - seen as Hawking going beyond his book "The Grand Design" which said science can explain the universe's origin without invoking God - is sure to upset religious types… not that he cares.

A baseball fan who invaded the field during a recent game managed to escape  stadium security by displaying some impressive free-running skills.

During the MLB game between Astros and the Mets - at the bottom of the 9th inning - the spectator ran onto the field at Minute Maid Park, to cheers from the other fans.

But rather than quickly getting tackled by security, he somehow managed to give them the slip and run all the way to the infamous center-field incline.

From there he use his best parkour skills to vault back into the stands, before evading other officials by scaling another high wall and disappearing… it was probably the best athletic display of the day.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We've always thought the idea of being a pro basketball player is pretty cool -- and that was before we knew it involved training with robots like this French team. (Deadspin)

A few seconds after you click play you're going to think 'why am I watching a video of a cat hunting an owl?' -- but let it play for a while and you will see that's not what is really happening, this pair are best friends. (Daily Mail)

The latest must-have fashion accessory in Mexico is apparently pointy dancing boots. Yes pointy dancing boots… here's the video. (MyFox DC)

A video of a dog leaning to catch a ball with his paws has become an online hit -- and how could it not. (CBS News)

A bag which had been accidentally soaked with Chihuahua urine prompted a bomb scare in New York when the owner hid it behind a bush rather than take it into court with him. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgAt Newslite we are big fans of eccentrics, and they don't come much better than retired decorator Robert Burns.

That's because the 63-year-old has spent the last twelve years painstakingly turning his home into a bizarre tribute to the Sistine Chapel.

Almost every wall and ceiling in the 1960s Brighton council house are covered with replicas of 15th-century frescoes and paintings by Italian masters.

The self-taught artist says he was first inspired after visiting the Sistine Chapel and wanted to emulate the works himself.

Because he has no wall space left, Robert says he's now started to paint on canvas which will also be more practical when he moves house… imagine moving into his home.

275x250.jpgFour people were recently sent to hospital after an argument about the thickness of Italian ham at a supermarket turned nasty.

The odd brawl is said to have started when a shopper questioned the charcuterie-based cutting skills of a counter assistant.

It's not clear exactly what happened after the 50-year-old said the meat was too thick… but a scuffle soon ensued in the Livorno store.

Reports claim the shop assistant's father joined the dispute, followed by the woman's husband and two sons.

Police and three ambulances were dispatched to deal with the fracas and four people were taken to hospital and treated for bruises… no, they didn't put cold meat on the injuries.

A drunk driver in Russia had so much to drink he tried to trick police into thinking he was making an important phone call using a packet of cigarettes.

When he was pulled over for driving erratically, the boozed-up motorist proceeded to make a phone call in which he asked if his father was on duty.

He then told the person he was speaking to, to "just deal with the situation" in the seemingly influential call.

And it might have worked and persuaded cops to go easy on him… if he hadn't been so drunk he'd just spent a couple of minutes having a chat with a packet of cigarettes.

As such the officers could barely contain their laughter in the video which is currently going viral on YouTube.

275x250.jpg An airline passenger in Thailand has been arrested after trying to smuggle a 'virtual zoo' of rare and endangered animals into Dubai.

The 36-year-old man had two leopards, two panthers, one Asiatic black bear, and two macaque monkeys in his cases as he tried to check-in at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Officials say they had been following the UAE man since he purchased the animals on the black market and couldn't believe he tried to smuggle so many.

A spokesperson for anti-trafficking group Freeland said: We've never seen one like this before. The guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases."

TV news journalist Tara Morgan was reporting from a farm in Virginia when a camel leaned into shot and decided to give her an impromptu tooth-based hair cu

The WWBT reporter was recording a piece about dogs from a stables and clearly know there were dangers associated with broadcasting in such close proximity to animals.

She even prefixed her report with the words "This might be, not a good idea"… and boy was she right.

That's because just a couple of words into her report, a camera-hungry camel leaned into view and proceeded to munch on her hair. Luckily the cameraman kept rolling.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A 20-year-old man has died in Australia after taking part in the internet craze of planking. Acton Beale fell from the balcony of a high-rise building while trying to lie on the 5cm wide railings. (CNN)

We know this is fake as much as you know it's fake. But's let's pretend for a moment it's real. A baseball player has saved the life of a reporter by catching a ball which was speeding towards her head during an interview. (Nine MSN) (YouTube)

A bull which escaped when the truck transporting it in Brazil crashed, ran for about a mile and headed straight into a dress shop. (Nine MSN) (YouTube)

There was us thinking it was US Navy Seals who killed Osama Bin Laden… turns out it was actually the Klingons from Star Trek. (Stuff)

A bus driver in Rome has been caught on camera driving while using two mobile phone and steering with his elbows. Well it makes a change from reading a book or killing snowmen. (Asylum) 

275x250.jpgA man who dressed as Brian the Snail from The Magic Roundabout to compete in the London Marathon has finally finished… after 26 days.

After donning the giant 9ft-long snail suit, Lloyd Scott had to lie on his stomach and slide along on a sled until he'd completed the famous 26.2-mile course.

The 49-year-old from Essex - raising money for Action For Kids - suffered nosebleeds, vomiting and cramp as he crawled along for eight hours per day.

At one point he was rushed to hospital to have the blood vessels in his nose cauterised because his face down position had caused continual nosebleeds.

After finishing his 'race' outside Buckingham Palace, Lloyd said: "This has been much, much harder than I thought it would be."  

275x250.jpg In case you were wondering, having a tattoo on your forehead which reads "Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid" does not mean police will not arrest you.

As this fantastic photo of Robert Norton Kennedy proves, it actually just ensures that if you break the law, you're mugshot will go viral online.

Police had been called to the 51-year-old who was playing his music too loudly for his neighbours, but when the officers arrived, Kennedy spat in the nieghoubours

Unfortunately his unique head tattoo, which reads: "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE GOD LOVES YOU, Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid, Thank You!" wasn't a get out of jail free card.

275x250.jpgAn Austrian Olympic swimmer accidentally buried himself alive on a beach in Florida and had to be saved by 60 rescuers.

19-year-old Jakub Maly had been taking time off from training with teammates when he decided to dig an enormous hole for fun.

But when he jumped into the two metre trench, the sand collapsed over him covering his entire body.

Pals then quickly cleared the sand from around his face so that he could breathe - but they were unable to pull him from the hole.

Emergency services were called and cave-in specialists spent nearly two hours digging him after using boards to shore up the sides of the hole.

We've seen some fairly odd products, but brain wave controlled emotion indicating fluffy cat ears for humans, have got to by up there as some of the most bizarre.

Japanese firm Neurowear say their odd 'Necomimi' ears are a great way to exhibit your innermost feelings and could become a vital communication tool.

Using a sensor which is worn on the forehead, the ears - due to gon on sale later this year - are said to respond to the wearer’s emotions and change their shape.

If the user is sad, the ears will apparently flop down, if they're amused the ears will wiggle but if the wearer is tired the ears go flat… we don't know what they do if you are confused by seeing people with ears.

275x250.jpg Popsicles are normally a effective and cheap way to cool off -- but not at a hotel resort in Mexico, they've launched a lavish $1,000 tequila ice lolly.

The expensive icy treat may come served on a classic plastic stick, but it's made from premium tequila which sells for £1,000 per bottle rather than fruit squash.

But should the Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra not be enough of a draw, there is also the little matter of the 24 ct. gold flakes the Tequila Pop contains.

Bosses at the Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur say they expect the premium popsicle to prove popular, but that those on a budget may prefer a straight shot of the Clase Azul Ultra… a snip at $500 a shot.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A woman who claims to have the world's biggest breasts says that despite already having a 164XXX cup, her boobs are still growing at a rate of one inch a month. (Metro)

Police in the US had arrested a tubby would-be Batman who they found hanging off the side of a building in a small Michigan town carrying the baton, a chemical irritant spray and wearing a pair of lead-lined gloves. (MSNBC)

A champion pole dancer was left red-faced when she fell from her pole during an appearance on live daytime TV. Natasha Wang recently won the 2011 US Pole Dancing Championship‎. (My Fox) (YouTube)

We cover so many weird news stories, that it's pretty hard to surprise us, but not all journalists are so well versed in oddities. Take TV newsreader Tatiana Subbotina for example, she couldn't help but laugh her way through a story about animals guarding cannabis. (Metro) (YouTube)

Police in the US say a man dressed as Batman recently got into a fight on a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk and was body slammed into the floor. (Asylum)

You might think it's an innocent tennis ball, we thought it was an innocent tennis ball. But this kitten clearly knows different.

Because, if there wasn't something absolutely terrifying lurking within, why would he be treating it with such trepidation?

Complete with a wonderfully over the top soundtrack, the video 'Kitten vs A Scary Thing' has become a YouTube hit, and it's not hard to see why.

During the clip the tentative kitty can be seen repeatedly approaching the yellow tennis ball, before each time recoiling in horror. Maybe tennis is just more scary if you are a kitten.

275x250.jpg This unlucky motorist seems to have paid the ultimate price for making the error of telling his partner she wasn't as attractive as Pippa Middleton.

The red-faced driver of the Peugeot 206, was caught on camera driving through Birmingham with 'Is Pippa's Bum Still Better Than Mine???' daubed across the side of it in white paint.

It appears the scorned woman took revenge on the unknown man, who looks to have made the mistake of expressing his admiration for the royal maid of honour's most talked about asset, her bottom.

The scruffy message was painted in bright white letters down the passenger side of the blue vehicle which was spotted on Wednesday afternoon… onlookers said they thought the driver had received a bum deal.

275x250.jpgNeuroscience researchers at Dundee University say they've been stung… by crooks who stole thousands of their bees.

The boffins had been using the bees as part of a £2m neuroscience study which looked at the effect of pesticides on bee learning.

It had been hoped the study could explain the current decline in honeybee numbers. But recently it was discovered £3,500 worth of British black bees had been taken.

Lead researcher Dr Chris Connolly says the thieves must have known how to handle bees and that the crime would hamper the research.

He also added that the bees were unique and should be easy to identify… which make us think they were breeding super clever bees.

275x250.jpgWomen spend longer agonising over buying a new outfit for a friend's wedding than they do over any other event, it has emerged.

A study of shoppers found the typical woman will spend nearly three hours picking the right gown to look good the wedding of a pal.
That's more time than when looking for a outfit for a day at the races (2 hours 4 minutes) a night out with friends (1 hour 48 minutes) or an outfit for a first date (1 hour 43 minutes).

In fact the only event which comes close if finding a flattering outfit for an Ex's wedding, which is typically mulled over for 2 hours 19 minutes.
The timescales emerged from a study carried out among 3,000 shoppers, not from their partners… who would have said every purchase feels like it take an eternity.

We've never had the desire to make our morning shave any more dangerous - given our bleary-eyed state it's often perilous enough - but Mikhail Nadimov obviously finds shaving boring.

That's because he recently took extreme shaving to a new level when a pal gave him a shave… with a razor attached to a flying helicopter. Yes you read that correctly.

And even though his mate, Sergey Piskunov, is a skilled helicopter pilot who'd just been showing off his aeronautical ability by manipulating his chopper to open a bottle, we're not sure we'd have been so brave.

Just ssk yourself this, would you trust a friend to shave you... even if it didn't involve blades attached to a helicopter?

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When the Stoiljkovic family in Croatia lose the remote control to their TV, they probably don't even bother checking down the side of the sofa, it's more likely to turn up on the chest of six-year-old Ivan -- he's said to have a magnetic body. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A scantily clad woman stole a tow truck, led police on a chase and then jumped out of the moving vehicle and sprinted along the road in her underwear. As you do. (NBC LA) (YouTube)

If you're of an at all squeamish disposition, we suggest you give this story a miss, it's really not for you. A man has survived a horrific accident which saw him impaled through the head with a 2-inch thick pole -- as this x-ray shows. (WAOW)

Do you remember your first kiss? These kids will -- their first smackeroo was not only recorded on camera, but has gone viral online where it has been viewed more than seven million times in a week. (My Fox NY) (YouTube)

Given our penchant for alligator stories, it will come as no surprise that we've got another for you. This time it's police in Florida trying to corner a snappy critter until the trapper arrived, and making a hard job of it. (WTSP) (YouTube)

275x250.jpgThe average Brit will break the law around 21 times a year, it has been found.

Speeding, eating or drinking while driving and not wearing a seat belt are the most common crimes we commit during our day-to-day lives.
Other car crimes which take place regularly include jumping red lights, parking on double yellow lines and driving someone else's motor without the proper insurance cover.
But it's not just road traffic offences, the study of 3,000 adults revealed that many of us could be found guilty of illegally downloading music, dropping litter, not cleaning up after a pooping dog or smoking in a public place.

Obviously we are whiter-than-white when it comes to abiding by the law... but we'd be curious to know how many law you think you've broken in the last 12 months. Let us know in the comments.

275x250.jpg Airline food served on little plastic trays is always sure to divide opinion -- but one unique restaurant is redefining what you'd expect to eat on-board a plane.

That's because this unusual eatery, which is the first of it's kind in the UK, is set inside a Douglas DC6 aircraft and run by 35-year-old chef Tony Caunce at Coventry Airport.

With a fully-functioning bar on-board, punters can enjoy draught beers and wines with food from under a tenner up to just £15 for a fillet steak...meaning the owners can brag that the prices aren't too sky high.

The 40-seater restaurant opened two weeks ago with an aviation-themed menu including an 8oz Rapide, Vampire gammon steak, Bomber T-bone steak and a Meteor marinade fillet… luckily you don't have to eat with a tiny plastic knife and fork.

The owner of a skateboarding dog who was previously threatened with an ASBO, has been fined £80 and told he could face legal action over his boarding pooch.

Bodhi the Lakeland Terrier is said to like noting more than riding his skateboard around Brighton and pulling tricks.

And his kerbside antics have proved a hit on YouTube and even gained him an appearance on Britain's Got Talent… though council bosses are less impressed.

Owner Jonathan Fell, 51 says he's been fined £80 by the authority after complaints were made, and told to keep Bodhi on a lead… not a problem Tony Hawks ever had.

275x250.jpgThe traditional image of an office full of staff wearing smart suits, shirts and ties is a thing of the past, it has emerged.

A study revealed for the first time more than half of the country's office-based employees now wear casual clothes to work.
Less than one in four wear a tie while one in four wear jeans. Incredibly one in six people regularly wear trainers to the office.
The boom in web-based business and a more relaxed generation of bosses is said to be behind the change, which is more prominent in the summer.

Most of the 3,000 workers surveyed admitted they only look smart at work twice a week, though 83% say they make more of an effort if they knew they had a meeting.

WNWDW: Two-headed baby born in China

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A baby in China has been born with two heads. For those keeping count, that's one more than usual. The conjoined twins share a single body and born by caesarean to migrant farmer parents. (Telegraph)

You know what it's like, you're desperate for your mid-morning yogurt, but can't be bothered with all that parking outside the yogurt shop and walking inside. Yes this is the latest of our 'Driver ploughs into [blank]" story. (10 News)

If you ever find yourself playing a game of cards against Bai Dengchun, we suggest you don't do anything to upset him. Otherwise you could lose a finger to the kung fu card thrower. (Orange) (YouTube)

Pupils at a school in Scotland were shocked when their teachers performed a flash-mob style dance routine in the school canteen. (Daily Mail)

Did you know that May is Zombie Awareness Month? No, neither did we, but now we can't help thinking about a zombie apocalypse. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpg Women who are thinking about going under the knife can now get an instant boob job for free thanks to a new iPhone app.

The app is the brainchild of US plastic surgeon Elizabeth A. Kinsley, from New Orleans, who was the first doctor to employ 3D imaging technology to show women what they will look like after surgery.

Called iAugment, the app allows iPhone users to take a picture of themselves and virtually boost their cup size.

While it's intended for people considering plastic surgery themselves, we can imagine one or two blokes will be testing to see what their other half might look like with bigger breasts.

275x250.jpgIf you were to make a list of things you thought owning would help you woo women, how long would you be going before you said "a live alligator"?

We're guessing quite a while… but that's because you're not Dewayne Yarbrough. He claims he kept a four-foot alligator for five years to impress women.

The 43-year-old from Chicago has been charged with possession of a dangerous animal after he was found to be keeping the snappy creature in a small tank.

He apparently told investigators - who found the animal in his kitchen - that he only fed it 10 live mice a month to keep it from growing too large.

While it appears he also told them he'd kept the gator because he hoped it would be a chick magnet, it's not clear how well it worked and helped him pull.

275x250.jpg A designer has created what he claims is a perfectly sensible solution to the problem of trying to control a touchscreen phone without a free hand… a stylus for your nose.

Dominic Wilcox says he often found himself wanting to use his touchscreen phone while in the bath, but because his fingers were all too often wet, he couldn't.

But when he realised he could navigate by pressing the phone against his nose, he decided creating a finger-nose stylus would be the logical next step.

After various trial and error he invented this odd-looking device which he says is the ideal way to send a tweet from the bath… should you do something so impressive in the bath you need to tell the world.

275x250.jpg17% of British children think the Angel of the North is a star, 1 in 20 believing Stonehenge is in Egypt and 6% claiming the Outer Hebrides is a planet.

New research revealed today highlights that many British kids have limited knowledge of some of the best sights in the UK.

A study of 2,000 6-to-12-year-olds found some have an appalling lack of knowledge when it comes to British geography.

One in six kids believe the Outer Hebrides are in Nepal next to Mount Everest and one in ten couldn’t even pin-point the UK on a world map.

Asked about the Isles of Scilly, one in ten said ‘they didn’t exist’ and the same number thought they were a Greek Island… if only they were.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Tourists in London were surprised when 100 dancers emerged from crowds outside Buckingham Palace to take part in a "royal flashmob" where they performed to songs including Queen's We Will Rock You. (Telegraph)

A daredevil snowmobile rider has had a lucky escape after coming off his machine and proceeding to fall down a mountain for around 45 seconds - promptly followed by his tumbling snowmobile. (The Sun)

So you're moving house and have spent hours carefully boxing up your belongings ready to be transported by dedicated professionals… and then you discover they've apparently trained at the ACME school of removals. (YouTube)

Now this is a story all about how… a soldier became an online hit after dancing Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air on top of a M1068 tank. (Metro)

What do you get if you've got six million empty beer bottles? Other than a reputation for being 'a bit of a drinker' that is? Well if you're anything like Tito Ingenieri you get a rather unique castle to live in. (9 News)

A Beijing grandmother is the latest person to shoot to '… Got Talent' fame after performing an energetic Michael Jackson-inspired dance routine.

65-year-old Bai Shuying was appearing on the Chinese version of the show when she strutted her stuff in a black and white outfit.

After initially surprising China's Got Talent judges and viewers by telling them she was going to dance, the OAP then left them shocked by how sprightly she is.

While the granny admits she's inspired by Michael Jackson, she says she taught herself to dance and choreographed the entire routine on her own.

Talking on the hit TV show, Bai also said that she also loves "hip hop dancing"… which makes her considerably cooler than us.

275x250.jpgCreators of an odd breast milk ice cream which banned by a council and threatened with legal action from Lady Gaga, say it will be back on sale soon.

Last year, the Icecreamists parlour introduced 'Baby Gaga' a £14 ice cream made from human breast milk which was served with a rusk and shot of Calpol.

But shortly after the launch, Westminster Council banned the ice cream and over health concerns and Lady Gaga threatened them with legal action over the name.

However, the wacky product will this week once again go on sale again in London’s Covent Garden at a new political ice cream installation. Apparently that's a thing.

It's hoped that a name change to 'Baby Goo Goo' (see what they did there?) will help the breast milk ice cream stay out of legal trouble this time around.

275x250.jpg Hoping to make the most out of the online success of FarmVille, the National Trust is looking to recruit 10,000 virtual farmers... to manage a real life farm.

Their MyFarm experiment will see the virtual farmers - who each pay a £30 subscription fee - decide how 1,200 acre Wimpole Home Farm, in Cambridgeshire is run.

They will debate and vote on issues including whether to grow wheat, barley or oats as part of the autumn sowing, through to which animals to buy and rear.

Organisers hope that not only will the scheme see thousands of people gain a better insight into the working of a farm but that it will also be profitable… even if not as much as FarmVille itself.

275x250.jpgOne in five dads doesn't get home from work before their children go to bed, a study has revealed.

Researchers found long office hours and an arduous commute home means millions of dads miss out on spending quality time with their kids in the evenings.
Worryingly, seven out of ten fathers said the long hours they were working to make ends meet was impacting on the quality of family life.
The study also found seven out of ten dads feel guilty about not being home in time to help out with bathing and bedtime.
It further emerged 1-in-4 dads have argued with their other half about the imbalance of their work-heavy lifestyle… though a 1-in-10 admit that they've stayed late at work to dodge the chores at home.

A daredevil base-jumper has driven his motorcycle off a 4,000 cliff in the Chilean Andes in a bid to help promote the country. As you do.

Julio Munoz said the stunt - which saw him drive off a ramp at the top of the cliff - had taken three years planning and getting sponsors.

The experienced base-jumper wore several video cameras to record the stunt which he says he hopes will give Chile some exposure.

Bizarrely it appears that driving off the cliff was the easiest part of the stunt… the hardest was using a helicopter to get his bike, ramp and crew to the top.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Ever since a certain Monty Python sketch, we've had a pathological fear of old women and thought they were up to no good. And it turn's out we might have been right, this group of women are believed to have stolen $500,000. (My Fox) (YouTube)

A pair of sandwich shop workers from the US are being hailed as heroes after interrupting a robbery of one of their customers and chased the robbers off. (ABC Local) (YouTube)

We don't know why this car was being loaded onto the back of a tow-truck, but we are guessing it's now got more problems than it did before the recovery vehicle was called in. (Nine MSN)

Bullfighters in Ecuador are protesting a ballot referendum which could see, a ban on the killing of bulls at the end of bullfights. (Aol Weird News)

It's easy to be jealous of sports cameramen with their 'work' being to attendf some of the world's best sporting events. But that's only because you don't see the perils they face… much like this cameraman didn't see this player coming. (Asylum)

275x250.jpgA man became trapped inside a women's prison in Germany after accidentally mistaking it for a shortcut to a nearby park.

The 24-year-old is said to have been walking in the city of Hildesheim when he strolled through a gate, thinking he was heading to a nearby park.

But he soon discovered he'd walked into a women's prison and turned around in a bid to get back out. However, in the 20 minutes it took him to  return to the gate, it had been locked, trapping him inside.

It was only when the local mayor, who happened to be walking past, heard his screams for help that police were notified and dispatched to free him.

It's understood the security blunder happened as repair work was being carried out on the gate and that a loose screw had briefly prevented it from shutting properly.

275x250.jpgResearchers found millions of British women now struggle to rustle up everyday dishes, which their mums wouldn't have batted an eyelid at.

Many also admit the man of the house is now better at cooking than they are, while others are just too busy to find time to get to grips with a recipe book.

The report - which looked at the culinary skills of 2,000 people - also found a handful cannot boil and egg and wouldn't feel confident cooking a fry up.

It was discovered that the typical female can cook just seven different meals from
scratch - HALF as many as their mums regularly served up.

More than one in five struggle with a basic curry, one in six can't bake a cake and three in ten have 'no idea' how to make a meringue… you can almost hear the collective gasp of horror from the WI can't you?

A rollerblader who set off a speed camera by racing down a road at more than 40mph is sure to confuse people reviewing images from the Gatso camera.

Prankster and professional in-line skater Sam Tuffnell recently decided to see if he could build up enough speed to trigger a speed camera in Hastings.

So the 28-year-old got pals to film him speeding along the downhill road past the camera in a bid to trigger the flash which is normally the bane of drivers.

And on his fourth attempt - after reaching an estimated 40mph - the camera was activated, meaning camera control centre staff could soon be scratching their heads wondering what happened.

275x250.jpg You might think you've got a pretty good TV at home, but it's not a patch on this. Meet the world's largest LED screen.

Measuring a whopping 78 meters high, stretching 99 meters wide and using 42,000 LEDs, this screen in Seoul Square, South Korea, covers 7,722 square meters.

Dubbed 'Digital Canvas' the screen - which covers the entire 19 floors of the Seoul Square building - springs into life at night, on the otherwise normal looking office building.

While it's so far been used to display gigantic works of art, the screen now being used commercially and the biggest ever gaming session could soon be coming to the mega screen… imagine playing Call of Duty on that.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A Canadian man who'd arranged to go out on a date with a woman he met online, was probably suitably shocked when the mystery woman turned out to be his girlfriend... who proceeded to throw coffee in his face and slap him. (Metro)

When we told you about Smokey, the cat with a purr as loud as an airplane, it's fair to say we were slightly dubious about the claims made by his owners. But now the purr-tastic cat has officially become the world's loudest cat. (The Sun)

A riderless horse which mistakenly jumped over a safety fence at a race in Australia and into the crowd has injured several spectators. (Asylum)

A pet cat tried to come to the rescue of his owner, who suffered from sleep apnea… by repeatedly urinating into his mouth as he snored. (Aol Weird News)

A daredevil base-jumper has driven his motorcycle off a 4,000 cliff in the Chilean Andes in a bid to help promote the country. Julio Munoz said the stunt had taken three years planning. (Telegraph)

When police in Florida were called out to deal with an alligator wandering around a residential neighbourhood, it didn't take long to find the offending creature… it attacked their patrol car.

Officers say the 10ft gator promptly clamped his jaw down on the bumper of the patrol car and, as this video shows, refused to let go.

Eventually red-faced cops, who'd managed to dislodge the snappy creature by reversing the car, were forced to let him go and call in a licensed trapper.

Officers say the vehicle suffered some damage to the bumper and grill… but it was nothing compared to the damage caused to the officers pride at having to call for backup.

275x250.jpg"Stop, look and listen" might be a phrase drilled into children every time they cross the road.. but the basic road safety advice is ignored by almost two thirds of adults.

A study recently found that almost two thirds (64 per cent) of British adults fail to stop, look and listen, when crossing a road.

In fact the study found 49 percent do not listen before crossing the road, 46 percent do not stop, and nearly a quarter (23 per cent) do not look both ways.

This could go some way to explaining the one-in-ten Brits who say they've come into contact with a moving vehicle while crossing the road and the quarter (25 per cent) who've had a near miss.

However, we wouldn't be surprised if some of the people polled didn't even realise they were crossing a road… many seem to be too engrossed in their mobile phone.

275x250.jpgMillions of Brits are risking their hearing by listening to music at a volume louder than a pneumatic drill, it's been revealed.

Researchers found one in ten people regularly turn their radio up to a higher volume than a drill on a building site, with another one in six listening to their MP3 player at deafening levels.

One in twenty regularly plug into their music which is more thunderous than a train hurtling past in a station or a car alarm ringing in your ears.

And worryingly, 17 per cent have been left with ringing ears after listening to blaring music for a long period of time.

At least that's what we think the researchers were saying, we couldn't hear they all that well.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pair of traffic officers in the US have been suspended after allegedly making a porn film while on duty. In the movie the officers were seen spanking and fondling an actress. (MSN) (YouTube)

Air hostesses who have been taught Kung fu skills as a way of dealing with problem passengers have been showing of their skills. (Metro) (YouTube)

We'll admit we're not connoisseurs of baseball, but who doesn't like seeing a fan catch a speeding foul ball in one hand while holding his daughter in the other. (Asylum)

We really wish this wasn't a publicity stunt, but it almost doesn't matter when it means we get to see a team of pickup trucks demolish 140-tonne industrial chimney. (Telegraph)

Who would have guessed it? Apparently Osama Bin Laden's Pakistan compound wouldn't make a good holiday destination. Well that's according to a spate of bad reviews which have been added to Google Maps. (Aol Weird News)

A video of an apparently very unlucky man getting struck by lightning twice within a matter of minutes has become an online hit.

The clip starts off as mundane CCTV footage of a quiet residential street. But after a couple of people have passed across the screen an unfortunate jogger is seen been knocked to the ground by a bolt of lightning.

After lying on the floor for about 30 seconds he rolls over, stands up and begins to walk away… and is then promptly struck again, only to once more stand up and walk off.

However, experts say the video is likely fake as the chances of surviving a direct bolt of lightning are essentially zero… where as the chances of a YouTube video being fake are approximately 50 percent.

275x250.jpg A would-be beer thief was left red-faced and bare-arsed when his baggy trousers caused him to fall over as he was fleeing a robbery in Florida and drop his loot.

Luckily for us the 'wardrobe malfunction' moment was caught on CCTV, so we can all revel in the moment the unnamed man tripped while carrying two cases of beer.

Police in Polk County say the man had jumped out of a car outside the store before running in, grabbing two cases of Bud Light beer and scarpering. But before he could get away with his swag, the crook was let down by his lack of belt which caused his trousers to fall around his ankles.

When this happened, he tripped over and dropped all the beer at the same time exposing his rear, which police were kind enough to blur out on some the footage they released… well no-one was going to recognise him by his arse, were they?

Three drunk man have been plucked from the English Channel after drifting out to sea in a rubber dinghy, armed only with a bottle of wine.

The trio - who set off from Littlehampton on Saturday evening - greeted coastguards with shouts of 'Bonjour' when they were found 11 hours later.

However, far from having reached France, the men were only 1.8 miles from the coast in their 7ft inflatable toy when they were rescued from the Atlantic 75 lifeboat Blue Peter 1.

A RNLI spokesperson said the confussed guys were disorientated having spent the night in darkness at sea, and were also suffering from hypothermia.

Which is hardly surprising given they were each dressed in shorts and t-shirts, with no lifejackets, no means of communication and only one paddle… which is one more than we'd have guessed.

A race-car driver who was forced to flee for his life when his V8 Supercar exploded in flames, has somehow escaped serious injury.

Karl Reindler had been competing in an event in Australia when he was rear-ended at an estimated speed of 150km/h.

This caused the V8 Supercar to jump into the air and the impact punctured the fuel cell prompting a massive fireball eruption.

The £400,000 came to a stop at the side of the Barbagallo Raceway track in Perth and as it continued to burn, fans feared the worst.

But somehow the 26-year-old driver managed to get out and run away from the burning vehicle, escaping with only burns to his hands and face.

275x250.jpgTourists in Barcelona have been told to cover up after city authorities introduced a ban on bikinis and other public nudity.

Officials in the Spanish city passed a law last week banning nudity and near-nudity from the city centre after it was decided too many locals and tourists were baring their flesh.

Initially they'd tried erecting signs asking people to cover-up, but when that didn't work they resorted to the legislation in a bid to prevent damage to the reputation of the city.

The law means people baring too much flesh anywhere other than swimming pools, beaches, adjacent roads and beach walks can be fined up to €300 (£260).

Those not even wearing that can be fined €500 (£440) if caught naked anywhere in the city other than its nudist beach… which means you'll have to make do with other sights like Park Güell or La Sagrada Família.

President Obama has taken his revenge on Donald Trump by publicly mocking the famously-haired entrepreneur at a high-profile White House event.

Last week Obama released his long-form birth certificate to prove he was a genuine American, after months of demands from birth certificate obsessed Trump. And most people thought that was it over...

But over the weekend Obama got his own back by ripping into his would-be rival at the White House Correspondents' Dinner saying: "Donald Trump is here tonight. Now, I know that he's taken some flak lately, but no one is happier, no- one is prouder to put this birth certificate to rest than The Donald.

"And that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter… like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened at Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?"

275x250.jpgIf you're thinking about spending your Bank Holiday doing a bit of DIY, you might want to reconsider -- DIY disasters cost UK homeowners £2.1 billion a year.

Research found that 24 percent of people have experienced a DIY disaster in the last 12 months which had cost an average of £145 to put right.

And with 60 percent of UK homeowners planning home improvements this spring, today could see millions of pounds worth of damage caused.

42 percent of people said they've caused so much damage by bungling home improvements they wish they’d hired a tradesman before attempting jobs themselves.

So if you've been trying to find an excuse to crack open a beer and sit in the garden, may we suggest you print out this article and pass it to your significant other.

It probably didn't escape your notice that there was the little matter of a certain  royal wedding on Friday.

But while most people were talking about the dress or the kiss, the event of the day as far as we were concerned was the cartwheeling vicar.

Well after the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton had taken place and some 1,900 guests had left Westminster Abbey, one clergyman couldn't contain his excitement.

Thinking the TV cameras had been turned off, the verger proceeded to cartwheel along the red carpet-lined aisle of the abbey… later finding the cameras were still rolling and he'd become a YouTube star.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It appears this man wasn't too keen on being caught when police raided the brothel he was using in eastern China - he climbed down a drainpipe while naked and disappeared into the backstreets. (Daily Mail)

We don't watch enough ping pong to know exactly how this compares to other achievements in the sport… but that's not going to stop us questioning whether this could be the world's best ping pong shot? (NBC Sports)

A police helicopter team have been accused of wasting public resources after using a  £2,000 an hour chopper to play “guess the location” with photos on Twitter. (Mirror)

Golf clubs can sometimes be strict about what players wear on the course, and La Jenny Naturist Course in France is no different… except they insist you are naked. (Aol Weird News)

In our eyes he will never be as good as Paul the octopus, but a two-headed psychic tortoise in Slovakia is causing a stir after predicting the winner in a series of ice hockey games. (Metro)

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