Paraplegic bunny given a tiny cart to get around

A paraplegic bunny, which was found in a US garden, has been given a new lease of life after a youngster created a tiny cart to help it get around.

Over Easter, the O'Rourke family in Tucson were surprised to discovered a pair of baby bunnies which had been abandoned by their mother, curled up in a corner of their yard, but they soon realised why.

One of the cute rabbits had no use of his hind legs and was going to struggle to survive in the wild, so the family decided to take the pair in a nurse them back to health.

But young Liam O'Rourke wasn't content with that, he also wanted to help the paraplegic bunny, called Joe, get around easier, so he set about building a small red and yellow wagon which straps onto the rear of the bunny and gives him improved mobility.
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