Royal wedding day air set to be sold in bottles

275x250.jpgPresumably in a bid to produce the most bizarre royal wedding souvenir, a firm has announced it will sell bottles of 'Royal wedding day air'.

On the big day a team of "trained professionals" will apparently be out in London collecting samples of the air to capture the essence of the day.

Bosses at Watt UK say they hope the bottles could become a collectors item and insist they are "something for the whole family to enjoy".

It's claimed buyers could then treat the 'Royal Air' like a bottle of fine champagne and gather round the table each taking a healthy sniff.

There is no word on price yet… but if you really want to buy something like this, we've got a lovely selection of magic beans for sale? What if we called them 'Royal Wedding Magic Beans'.
A spokesperson for the firm behind the air said: "As every true romantic knows flowers die after a few days, wilt and wither. A Royal wedding bottle of air is there to enjoy and look at for years.

"On that special occasion - the birth of your first child or grandchild, maybe your own wedding - the cap could be unscrewed and for just a moment you could breathe in that air."

James Watt, creator of the Royal wedding day air added "It’s an amazing honour to send our royal air around the world, who knows .. you might get a whiff of Kate."

Royal Air    

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