New York cabbie gets a $5,000 Los Angeles fare

275x250.jpgA taxi driver in New York has picked up the fare of a lifetime -- after a couple of passengers wanted taking all the way to Los Angeles.

Mohammed Alam charged the duo $5,000 to make the 2,448-mile trip which took six days to complete.

While that might sound pricey - it would have been much faster and cheaper if flying - it's estimated the trip would have cost $17,000 (£10,000) if the meter had been running.

Investment banker John Belitsky and pal Dan Wuebben say they picked up the cab at LaGuardia Airport because they wanted to do something "magical".

And helping the couple achieve this, when they stopped in Las Vegas where they won $2,000… making the trip a snip at $3,000.
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