Sheriff launches "Mugshot of the Day" competition

275x250.jpg A sheriff dubbed "America's Toughest" has unveiled an online "Mugshot of the Day" competition, where members of the public are asked to vote for the photo they find most amusing.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched the online service saying: "I want people to turn to see if their neighbour's been arrested."

It allows users to view arrestees by the type of crime they are accused of - ranging from robbery and theft to DUI and fraud - and vote on their mugshot of the day.

Unsurprisingly winners tend to be dishevelled and unusual-looking suspects… though none have matched the brilliance of the man with a forehead tattoo or the guy who was getting his hair done as he was arrested.
Critics have branded the competition a publicity stunt and said that uploading mugshots of people who are yet to be convicted is unfair to them.

Arpaio, however says he hopes the increased online traffic would highlight the work of his employees and uncover more crimes.

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