Does this video show dead alien in Russia? (Video)

No, we're almost certain it doesn't. But that hasn't stopped the footage - which claims to show the body of a dead alien - from going viral online.

Uploaded last week, the clip is said to be shot in in Russia's Irkutsk region and shows the mangled remains of an alien lying in the snow.

It's claimed the person filming it went out with their camcorder after villagers saw a series of bizarre pink and blue lights in the sky.

He then found the familiar triangular-faced 'alien' which appears to have suffered a horrific accident, including the loss of one leg.

But while the scene is said to have been investigated by Emergencies Ministry staff, most online commenters are calling fake.

Understandably a number of Russian news outlets have chased the story and it's been reported by many that the alien body has been confirmed as a fake.

It's said that after seeing the footage, staff at a local newspaper thought the body could be that of a mutilated infant and contacted police.

Investigations are then claimed to have concluded that the body was actually a hoax made from chicken skin which had been stuffed with bread and then painted the alien colours.

What do you think. Is this an alien, or left-overs from dinner?
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