Bubbleologist sets new bubble-in-bubble record

275x250.jpg Bubble-blowing history has been made after bubble fan Samsam Bubbleman set a new world record for blowing the most bubbles blown inside another bubble.

The bubbleologist (yes that's apparently a thing) managed to blow a breathtaking 71 bubbles inside another giant bubble that measured approximately 47cm in diameter.

His creation took Samsam over two hours to blow and is said to have required perfect timing and conditions including low wind speed, low humidity and, of course, no rain.  

Luckily he didn't blow his chance at setting the world record, well he did, but only in the good way, if you get what we mean.
The record was set in partnership with Young’s Seafood who wanted to promote the bubblicious qualities of their Chip Shop range fish batter.

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