£3,900 toilet goes on sale - Are you feeling flush?

275x250.jpgA toilet costing a £3,900 is set to go on sale - complete with a touch-screen computer panel, a built-in sound system and foot-warming hot air vents.

The Numi is designed to give users who are feeling a bit flush one of the most luxurious toilet-based experience possible.

Made from ceramic and glass the designer loo even recognises when someone is approaching and automatically opens the seat.

It then aims to calm those using it with ambient lighting, pre-programmed music or the radio and all the functions can be controlled by the iPhone-like computer panel.

What do you think, are there many people who are feeling flush enough to splash out on something like this, or is the idea crap?
275x250.jpg The Numi can also be used as a bidet and has the ability to customise the pressure and temperature of the water.

Makers Kohler say the super pooper is their: "most advanced toilet, a perfect blend of technology, performance, and design."

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