Women take moms shopping for honest opinions

275x250.jpgIf women really want an honest opinion about a potential new outfit, they take their mother out on their shopping spree, it has been found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 women discovered that many think  that shopping with girlfriends can be a minefield of jealousy, false compliments and complex mind games.

By contrast, mothers tend to be brutally honest if they don't like something and complimentary if they does - explaining why a third of women would rather shop with mom than anyone else.

Shopping with mothers was also found to be more focused and productive than an outing with pals who often waste time nattering.

And it seems fears of jealousy are well founded. One in 20 women admitted telling a friend they look great in something when they looked awful - because they didn't want them to look better than them.
A spokesperson for Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, which commissioned the study, said: "We all like to get a second opinion when it comes to shopping and definitely need to have someone that we trust.
"What's interesting is that many girls feel their friends aren't honest with them and actively try to stop them looking good.
"If a friend is on the look-out for an outfit for a special occasion it seems a bit mean to not tell them your honest thoughts.
"Perhaps that's why mums seem to make the best shopping buddies - they would never want their daughters to look less than perfect."

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