Thieving monkeys steal sunglasses at zoo (Video)

275x250.jpg Bosses at London Zoo have got such a problem with kleptomaniac monkeys they've had to come up with a cunning plan to dissuade them from their criminal ways.

Keepers at the zoo say their 18 Bolivian squirrel monkeys have started stealing sunglasses from visitors walking through their exhibit.

It's thought the pesky primates are attracted by the shiny surfaces and their own reflections in the lens, and that this is why they grab the glasses off peoples' heads.

As a result the keepers will now give the light-fingered monkeys sunglasses with bitter apple smeared on them (a taste they hate) to try to put them off… meaning they could get them back with something else smeared on them.
Tracey Lee from London Zoo, said: "We’ve found Ray-Bans and aviator sunglasses already and with more good weather approaching we think it’s a good idea to train the monkeys not to pinch people’s sunglasses.

"They don’t like the taste of anything sour so we are going to put bitter apple on the sunglasses - we hope this will be enough to keep visitors’ eyewear safe this summer."

London Zoo    
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