Brits spend three-and-a-half years being angry

275x250.jpgBad-tempered Brits spend three-and-a-half years of their lives angry or in a bad mood, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the typical adult has the hump for an hour and 19 minutes a day, with bad customer service, automated phone systems and commuting the most common triggers.

Work problems, money worries and having to deal with family issues also leave  a dark cloud hanging over millions of Brits.

The study of 2,000 people also found daily irritations include time spent queuing, dog mess in the street and learner drivers.

Eight percent of people even said they start to feel aggrieved at the mere sight of a traffic warden on patrol… while just typing the words get us annoyed.

1. Bad customer service
2. Automated phone systems
3. Public transport
4. Modern technology
5. Queueing
6. Traffic Wardens
7. Dog mess
8. Learner drivers
9. Eating on public transport
10. Public display of affection

The report Brits' daily frustrations was commissioned to mark the premiere of Universal Channel's TV show Fairly Legal and carried out among 2,000 adults.

Spokesman Jamie Morris, said: "As a nation it seems the pressure is getting to us like never before with stressed adults spending more time arguing and being irritated by petty frustrations.

"And the traditional notion of our famous British reserve certainly doesn’t seem to ring true.

"Money, worries with work and a host of daily annoyances ranging from automated phone calls to encounters with learner drivers all give rise to the red mist."

Universal Channel
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