Supermarket Scrabble puts rude words on shelves

275x250.jpg Facebook users are said to be making life difficult for supermarket staff…  by constantly rearranging stock on the shelves to spell out rude words.

Known as Supermarket Scrabble the game has become a hit on the social networking site with users competing to see who can create the most offensive words.

Typical examples see people rearranging jars of spices and herbs to spell words like 'cock' tits' and 'boobs' -- then taking a photo which is uploaded to the Facebook page.

But supermarket staff say the popularity of the game is making life hell for them as they're constantly having to put the letters back… unless they can come up with something ruder themselves.
275x250.jpg The hit game was created by Andy Wright from Jarrow in Tyne & Wear, who says he was shopping for spices when he accidentally created the word "COCK" and was tickled by it (so to speak), so snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook.

Since that fateful 'cock' incident, the popularity of Supermarket Scrabble has boomed and other people all around the world have started playing the game and posting their own images.

"Supermarket shopping can be so boring, I thought they could do with some lightening up," the 38-year-old told Newslite.

"I have been an avid reader of VIZ magazine since 1986, and a regular contibutor to "Roger's Profanisorus" page. I suppose that's where I get my puerile sense of humour."

Wright says he's not yet been caught creating the profanities by supermarket staff, but his mom did once see him taking a photo of something he'd rearranged to spell "SEX POT BUM and wasn't too impressed.

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