Student produces alternative university adverts

275x250.jpg Which university would you rather go to, one which promised great job prospects… or one that taught you to survive a zombie apocalypse? We think it's an easy choice.

A University of Lincoln student has made a selection of impressive adverts adverts for his esteemed academic institution featuring dinosaurs, fire and zombies.

Media Production student Tom Ridgewell, 20, says his 'banned' adverts - shot in his own time around his course - are a step up from the usual bland and boring university TV adverts.

And while we doubt we'll see them on TV anytime soon, they've certainly proved a hit online… and probably even prompted some prospective students to consider going to the University of Lincoln.

Speaking to Newslite, Ridgewell - who graduates in May and now uses a Canon 5D - said he came up with the idea for the alternative adverts in the classic student way, his mind wandered during a lecture.

"I was distracted during a lecture, thinking about what would happen if I appeared on TV advertising my university.

"So instead of being a big ol' narcissist and suggesting that they put me into an ad, I just sketched a few then and there. I honestly couldn't tell you what the lecture was about."

After working on the ideas Ridgewell, who goes by the name TomSka, shot the adverts and started uploading them to YouTube, where he already had quite a following.

"The public response has been fantastic," he said. "The amount of people claiming that Lincoln is now their number one choice just makes me want to lead a conga line through the university's marketing department."

While he admits the videos are not exactly 'banned' he insists that if he'd asked for permission from the university before uploading them to YouTube they probably would have been.

Though Tom has been making videos since he was 16 (and worked on 100 during his degree course) he says he is not running short of ideas and post graduation plans to move to London and keep filming.

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