Decorating made easy... with a light projector

275x250.jpg A group of Dutch artists have fulfilled the dreams of DIY-haters everywhere…  by creating a room which can be redecorated at the flick of a switch, almost.

Going by the name of Mr Beam, the artists created a plain white room and then set up two projectors which were used to 'decorate' the room with light.

They took two months programing the setup to create the nine different rooms in various styles with things ranging from psychedelic wallpaper to a leather sofa.

But before you get your hopes up that this is the future of decorating, it's worth remembering that you really would become part of the sofa if you sat down.
275x250.jpg Speaking to Newslite, a spokesperson for Mr Beam said: "We have been busy with a specific system for video mapping for quite some time now. We made the Living Room project to show what we can do with the technique we developed.

"For this particular project we used two different projectors to cover the surfaces. We mapped the living room and then we could fill in the different textures, colors and designs.

"We made 9 different rooms, all with very different feels to them.

"Unfortunately it is not very convenient for everyday use. Perhaps, but you have to consider the fact that there is a great beam of light, so you cannot walk into it because you will have a shadow."

Mr Beam   
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