Artist plays with her food to create odd animals

275x250.jpg It's a good job Vanessa Dualib forgot everything her mom told her about not playing with your food… because its now part of how she makes a living.

The 29-year-old artist and photographer creates amazing animals out of misshapen food and then takes photos of then before then go rotten.

She also create a back story about the fruit animals - like this blowfruit (above) which she says lives in South China but once a year swims to Brazil.

Vanessa has so far created around 70 different fruit animals… and if she doesn't fancy what's for dinner this evening it could be 71.
Speaking of her art Vanessa, from Sao Paolo in Brazil, said: "I love photos, I love food and I hardly can say I take life too serious.. so this is my tribute! To life, to food, to photography and to you!"

275x250.jpg This is Gary, a rare species of Snail called a Snana. It's in his nature to 'go bananas'.
275x250.jpg Jellyveggies are free-swimming members of the beet family. When attacked, they have many leaf-tentacles that inject a somewhat lively and bitter taste in the mouth of their predators.

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