WNWDW: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do Star Wars

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At NewsLite we like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost almost as much as we like Star Wars, so it's no surprise we enjoyed seeing the duo recreate the movie on the cheap, well one scene, almost. (College Humor)

We're in no way trying to take away from the human tragedy which is the Japanese earthquake - but this video of dogs dealing with the aftermath and in particular one refusing to leave his injured pal, really tugs at our heartstrings. (YouTube)

A less than bright bank robber has been arrested in the US after showing the cashier two forms of identification which she said she needed to see to authorise his robbery. (Aol Weird News)

It appears that Fox New have problems distinguishing between a Japanese nightclub and nuclear power plant. Oops. (We Interrupt)

Zheng Guigui may have been born with no fingers on her right hand - but that hasn't stopped her wowing viewers of a Chinese TV show with her amazing piano playing. (Asylum)
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