Man drives burning tanker from petrol station

A driver in Turkey has been hailed as a hero after leaping into action when a fuel tanker he was unloading caught fire at a petrol station.

This CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment flames shoot up out of the top of the tanker and everyone runs away. Everyone except Koçak, that is.

Realising a massive explosion could take out the entire station, Koçak jumped back into the burning vehicle and drove it 1km to safety.

As he drives off, leaking fuel can be seen catching light and it took 60 fire fighters to extinguish the subsequent flames which caused much damage.

Several witnesses have since congratulated Koçak and say his heroic actions saved many peoples lives. We are not sure the word hero quite does him justice.

Speaking after the accident Koçak said: "The fuel tank went up in flames instantly. At that moment, I said, ‘Let something happen to me, instead of the people nearby,’ and got behind the wheel.

"The tank turned into a ball of flames, but I managed to take it to a secure place. But some cars were burned as a result of the flames jumping from the tank."
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