Levitation self-portraits a hit for Natsumi Hayashi

275x250.jpg A Japanese artist is struggling to keep her feet on the ground after her latest project became an online hit… featuring self-portraits of her levitating.

Natsumi Hayashi scored the viral hit by taking a series of striking photographs of herself jumping in everyday situations, meaning in the images she appears to float mid-air.

The blogger and artist’s assistant from Tokyo, came up with the idea two years ago when thinking about how most people are bound by societal conventions, much like  they are gravity.

She says she started playing around with the idea of being pictured levitating as a way of showing her true self and how she is different.
275x250.jpg Natsumi has currently produced around 60 of the levitating self-portraits which show her in a variety of situations including floating through a train station, carrying food through a cafe and simply walking home.

Speaking to Newslite, Natsumi said it can take up to an hour to get each image just right and that she carries her DSLR and a tripod around with her at all times in case inspiration strikes.

"It requires 10 to 60 minutes to get a right shot," she said. "Sometimes I have to jump more than 300 times to get a right chance.

On each of those times she has to set the self-timer on her Canon EOS 5D Mk2s, or get someone to press the shutter button for her.
"It really depends on a chance whether I can collaborate with passers-by. When I am shooting on a train platform or famous sight-seeing place and jump over 200 times in a row, nearby people start to whisper."

Speaking about the responses she's had to her work Natsumi added: "I hope that people enjoy seeing my works.

"We all are surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the force of the earth's gravity.

"So I hope that people feel something like an instant release from stressful practical days by seeing my levitation photos."

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