Police officer saves ducklings stranded in road

275x250.jpgA police officer has escorted a group of ducklings to safety after coming across them on a busy road. And become an internet hero.

Glenn Eppler had been driving in Fort Myers when he encountered the unusual suspects - ten tiny ducklings - holding up traffic.

Footage from his dash-cam shows the officer jumping out of his vehicle and trying to guide the little feathered critters to safety.

But it wasn't as easy as he expected and the birds - which had somehow dodged traffic - were uncooperative.

Luckily a passer-by helped the officer to pick up the tiny ducklings and moved them to somewhere a little safer where they were reunited with their mother.

A police spokesperson said: "An officer with the Fort Myers Police Department recently encountered some unusual suspects holding up traffic.

"Ten tiny ducklings were attempting to cross the road but got stuck near the overpass. Without help they were sure to be sitting ducks.

"Ultimately the ducks were taken to a grassy area and reunited with their mother – lucky ducks."

Fort Myers Police      
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