Pencil v Camera: The surreal art of Ben Heine

275x250.jpg Artist Ben Heine shot to fame last year with is amazing surreal Pencil v Camera landscapes -- and since then they've only become better and more bizarre.

The 27-year-old says his images have become increasingly popular online and that he's exhibited in Belgian and US galleries, with ones in the UK, France and German to follow.

While Heine used to create all of the images by holding a drawing in front of a landscape and taking a photo he now adopts a variety of methods.

These include taking a photo a a drawing being held in front of a background, taking two images and joining them digitally and create a digital drawing over a digital painting.
275x250.jpg Speaking to Newslite, Heine said of his 49 Pencil Vs Camera pieces : "It’s totally impossible nowadays to predict how the public will react… hard work is always important and a key factor but there is certainly a bit of coincidence and chance too.

"There are actually 4 different methods to achieve the same results. Most of the time I simply draw something that comes in my mind on a small piece of paper and then take a picture of it with a realistic background behind.
275x250.jpg "I like especially those that show the paper in fire because I think they convey a special emotion. The viewers realize that something is happening. It is an instant captured by my camera that will never be repeated.

"I also like those that have a strong vanishing point/perspective because the illusion of depth is more interesting."

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