Alcohol-free beer marketed as a sports drink

275x250.jpgA German brewery has started touting its no-alcohol beer as the latest sports drink for athletes claiming it has "regenerative benefits".

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is now being given out at the finish line of sporting events - like the World Cup biathlons - and sports stars are even being signed up to help promote it.

Brewery bosses say the no-alcohol beer is "a very healthy product" and that being isotonic and vitamin-rich makes it an effectine drink to sip on post exercise.

However, unlike traditional sports drinks, it's served with a frothy head and is a familiar golden colour -- not in a squeezey bottle.

While we certainly think this is a step up from most isotonic drinks, we've always been partial to a glass of Rochefort 10 after working up a sweat.
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