RoboCop statue in Detroit gets $50,000 funding

275x250.jpgCampaigners who want to see a statue of RoboCop erected in the centre of Detroit say they've reached their fundraising target of $50,000.

The call for statue to be built honouring the mechanical law-enforcement officer, had initial been suggested to city Mayor Dave Bing via Twitter.

But the city boss quickly dismissed the idea of celebrating the classic 1987 film - despite Philadelphia having a statue honouring Rocky Balboa.

However RoboCop fans were not taking no for an answer and - after being offered a piece of property in Roosevelt Park - set about raising the $50,000 needed to produce the statue themselves.

After setting up a fund on and launching a social media campaign they soon reached the target, with 38 days to spare. Don't you just love the internet.
Responding to the initial request for a RoboCop statue which would "kick Rocky's butt" Mayor Bing replied: "There are not any plans to erect a statue to RoboCop. Thank you for your suggestion."

Thats when the fans - who claim a RoboCop statue would be a great Detroit mascot - launched the website

This in turn prompted Imagination Station, a non-profit centre which cleans up blighted neighbourhoods, to offer them a spot to erect the statue if they could raise the money for it.

And they certainly did, more than 1,400 people pledged money to help make the RoboCop statue become a reality.

Imagination Station       

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