Crab Kong: He's the biggest… and still growing

275x250.jpg A huge spider crab has been dubbed Crab Kong by staff at a UK aquarium, after being recognised as the biggest in captivity.

The monster from the deep - who measures 3m across and weighs 15kg - was originally caught in Japan by fishermen working from Suraga Bay, south-west of Tokyo.

However, rather than sell him to a local restaurant, the fishermen called UK-based biologist Robin James, who'd visited the village just weeks earlier.

He then arranged for the colossal crustacean to be spared the saucepan and be shipped to the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth. To go on show you understand, not to go on the menu.
275x250.jpg Staff say Crab Kong is probably about 40-years-old and that he will be the temporary star of an exhibit at the Dorset attraction, before he's moved to a new permanent home in Munich.

They added that they expect him to be a even bigger draw than the previous biggest crab, Crabzilla.

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