Dumped girl advertises for Valentine's Day date

road date advert Love causes people to do some strange things. Just ask Janie Brown, she's spending the day wearing a sandwich board at the side of the road looking for love.

The 20-year-old History student from Birmingham University has turned herself into a human-advert in a bid to find a Valentine's Day date after recently getting dumped.

Over the weekend her boyfriend Steve called time on their six-month romance yesterday but rather than mope, she decided to fix herself up with a date straight away.

Broken-hearted Janie said she hoped a passerby would take pity on her because spending the day alone would be 'depressing'… unlike standing beside a road in Birmingham begging for a dat.
road date advert Speaking of her stunt Janie said: 'Well my boyfriend dumped me yesterday and I thought instead of moping around the house all day I would go out and get a date.

"I was worth more than that rat bag anyway. No one wants to be alone for Valentines day. It was my friend's idea to do it, she dared me, but I just thought why not.

"I haven't had any success as yet, but I'm confident that by the end of the day I will find a guy to take me out. I'm very determined."
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