Ghost of headless monk moves theme park ride

275x250.jpgTheme park bosses say they're been forced to move to location of a new ride… because workers kept seeing ghosts including a headless monk.

Staff at Thorpe Park claim they encountered a series of strange phenomena while constructing their new Storm Surge water ride which started with objects being moved.

But this soon developed into ghostly sightings and bosses decided to appease workers worries by consulting a forensic team and paranormal detection agency.

After investigating, they discovered the site, known as Monk's Walk, was actually an ancient burial ground or settlement and could have been disturbed during construction.

As a result they moved the ride to somewhere a little less spooky… well at least they know where to put the haunted house if they build one.

275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Thorpe Park said: As employees were getting freaked out, we decided to call on an expert to see whether there was anything to report but had no idea of the dramatic effects."

Storm Surge - a 20m tall water ride, was originally meant to have been built in an area on the site near Chertsey Abbey where stone coffins have previously been excavated. It's now to be located elsewhere in the park.

The spokesperson added: "It has definitely been a roller coaster few months. It was a huge decision for us to relocate Storm Surge, however the potential of us disturbing anything, be it paranormal or otherwise, is definitely not something we wanted to do."

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