Fake iPhones and iPods in $10 million port seizure

275x250.jpg At first glance you might think there are enough Apple products here to satisfy the technological cravings of even the most ardent Mac fan.

But these iPhones and iPods are all fake (bad apples if you will) and were recently  seized at the Port of Los Angeles.

Port officials say the faux Apple stash was part of $10 million load of counterfeit electronics which was seized after being shipped from Asia.

To be honest the thing which surprises us is that there's a $10 million market for knock-offs of out-dated gadgets.
A Port of Los Angeles spokesperson said: "Port Police discovered counterfeit products with an estimated street value of more than $1.4 million.

"Stolen goods worth approximately $2.5 million and bank account receipts that indicate profits from the sale of counterfeit merchandise estimated to be more than $7 million."

Port of Los Angeles    
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