Darth Vader is charged with train fare-dodging

275x250.jpg A Star Wars fan who legally changed his name to Darth Vader, has been named and shamed by a train company this week for failing to pay for his ticket.

On a recent journey, Vader was caught without a ticket by London Midlands trains. But when he gave conductors his name, they were reluctant to believe him.

After checking with British Transport Police to confirm his identity, Vader - a 41-year-old bouncer from Walsall - was prosecuted and slapped with a £376 fine.

But Vader insists he's normally a law-abiding citizen and the only reason he didn't have a ticket was because he was rushing home to his wife (Sue Vader) was having an asthma attack… yes, a Vader with a breathing problem.
Speaking of the fine Darth Vader said: "I'm a good law abiding citizen really. But I've got the name of the most evil man in the galaxy - its quite ironic really."

275x250.jpg He added that he'd jumped on the train from Birmingham to Walsall without a ticket because he was desperate to get back to his wife, who'd told him she was suffering an asthma attack, and didn't want to wait 45 minutes for the next one.

"I told the conductor I would pay him there and then but he told me I would have to pay a fine. I told him what my name was and he seemed quite annoyed and asked me again.

"When I told him that I had just given my name, he told me he was going to ring British Transport Police to check.

"Obviously I couldn't do anything to stop him. He phoned them to run a check on me and then apologised when they got back to him to say I was genuine. But I've still been lumped with a £387 fine.

"I maybe should have used some Jedi mind tricks on him."

Darth, formerly known as Mark Noakes, changed his name for charity to coincide with the release of the Phantom Menace film in 1999.  

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