Japanese tourists sending cuddly toys on holiday

275x250.jpg Cash-strapped Japanese tourists who can't afford to visit Europe themselves, have started sending their cuddly toys there on holiday instead, it's been claimed.

Bosses at 'Barcelona Toy Travel' say they've been inundated with requests from Japan to take soft toys on sight-seeing tours of the Spanish city.

The firm charges £60 to show a teddybear around Barcelona on a six-day trip and supplies owners with a selection of photos showing their beloved bear in front of various monuments.

A postcard is also sent back to the owner, followed by the well-travelled soft toy… which won't stop going on about Gaudi architecture. Don't you just hate pretentious teddy bears.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Barcelona Toy Travel said they will accept soft toys from anywhere in the world, but that Japanese owners seem to be their most common client and account for more than half of all business.

"We offer your cuddly toy several-day sightseeing and adventure tour in Barcelona, one of the most engaging and breathtaking cities in the world," he said.

"Your cuddly friend will see the treasures of historical and modern architecture, beautiful beaches and try local Mediterranean cuisine.

"He will also have the chance to meet similarly adventurous cuddly toys from all over the world."

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