Drug-smuggling pigeon 'arrested' in Colombia

275x250.jpgA carrier pigeon which was being used to smuggle drugs into a prison in Colombia has been captured by police.

Officers say the bird was apprehended as it tried to fly into a prison in Bucaramanga carrying a package of marijuana and cocaine.

However, it was only discovered because the bird-brains crooks behind the plan had overloaded the bird with drugs to the point that it could no longer fly.

Police say the messenger pigeon was found trying to fly over prison fences but couldn't manage it because of the excess weight of the 45g package tied to its back.

It's not the first time Colombian drug gangs have used feathered accomplices, last year police found a parrot being used as a lookout. Leaving us wondering whether Big Bird might be a drug lord.
A spokesperson for Columbian police said of the latest bird-assisted crime: "This is a new case of criminal ingenuity." Well it would have been if it worked.

Colombian Police     
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