Fluorescent green river is blamed on pranksters

275x250.jpg It looks like the result of a radioactive disaster, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was populated by two-headed fish.

But Canadian officials say pranksters are to blame for this fluorescent green river and that it poses no threat to the local wildlife.

As these impressive images show the Goldstream river, which passes through the city of Langford, British Columbia was recently turned a bright green.

Experts were initially bamboozled as to what caused the colour change, but now believe it was caused by prankster with access to fluorescein… and a diary with St Patricks day in on the wrong date.

275x250.jpg Tests apparently showed fluorescein - an organic compound used as a dye or tracer in medical procedures and testing water systems - had been used.

While it's a nontoxic substance, officials say they are not at all happy with the pranksters as they were forced to spend time and resources investigating the incident.

The river retuned to a normal colour after about an hour.

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