Device 'cancels out' the sound of dentist's drill

275x250.jpgResearchers have created a device which they claim could help people overcome their fear of the dentists - by canceling out the sound of the drill.

Experts at Brunel University say the anxiety-inducing sound can be eliminated by using their gadget which plugs into an MP3 player.

This then uses a microphone and adaptive filtering to cancel out the high-pitched drill noise, while allowing the patient to hear the music and what their dentist is saying.

It's hoped use of the device could encourage more people to visit the dentist as it's the sound of the drill which is said to prevent many people from seeking treatment.

The dental team are currently looking for an investor to help bring the device to market… but investors are probably too scared to meet them. 
Researcher Dr Mark Atherton, said: "The device is quite simple and uses technologies that will be straightforward to implement in a real product.

"The challenge has been in configuring the system to deal with the high frequency of the unwanted noise and to be able to track fast changes in frequency as the drill experiences varying cutting loads.

"Building on what we have achieved with adaptive filtering in the electronic domain, we are developing ‘anti-noise’ in the acoustic domain, which promises even better performance and could lead to better surgical instruments in general."

Brunel University    
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