Only 1-in-10 do the job they wanted as a child

275x250.jpgOnly one in ten Brits is currently in the career they dreamed of as a child,  it has been found.

More than nine out of ten admit they are 'totally dissatisfied' with their current job and would 'quit tomorrow' if they had the chance.

Nearly two-thirds still harbour ambitions of pursuing their childhood dreams, with the majority having done so for more than ten years.

But a lack of contacts, courage and confidence means less than a fifth of the UK workforce has taken active steps towards making a career change.

In other news, if anyone knows how we can become a chocolate taster or astronaut (or an outer space chocolate taster) please let us know.
Teachers, doctors and bus drivers were found to be the most content in their work, while those in the financial sector, advertising and sales felt the least satisfied, the poll of 3,000 adults revealed.

A spokesman for, which commissioned the poll, said: "We all know that life can get in the way of achieving our goals.

"Most of us had a dream job as a child, yet for various reasons the majority of us are unable to pursue it."

The survey found that almost all adult Brits (98 per cent) had a 'dream' job as a child - with astronaut, fireman, lawyer, surgeon, police officer and politician as favourites.

But by the age of 21, the realities of adulthood - such as financial and family restraints - meant taking 'any job whatsoever' seems more important.

It means as little as 10 per cent of today's workforce are in their ideal job. What's more, 66 per cent of folk daydream of 'starting afresh' but feel unable to do so.

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